Table Food For 8 Month Old

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SonyaM - June 12

I know this questions had been floating around but I need some clarification. I just don't remember what I did with my first son but I think he was eating table food by 8 months. My question is, can my 8 month old have the baby yogart eventhough it has milk in it? The same goes for pancakes since they have milk and eggs in it. I have tried to put some tiny finger foods on his tray such as the Gerber puffs, grated cheese, etc but he can't seem to get anything to his mouth. For those of you that are giving your lo's table food at this age do you feed it to them or do you let them feed themselves? Thanks girls.


mama3 - June 12

Until mine were able to feed themselves I feed it to them. If your bab can handle whole milk without getting sick etc then go for it. My oldest was eating everything I ate by 6and a half months. To help you bab get use to holding food and feeding him/her self, get the gerber bisckets there the ones that are about half a inch thick and almost 2 inches long. There easier for them to hold. He/she will get the idea.


LisaB - June 12

Sonya the feeding guide I got from my doctor says for 8-12 months they can have cheese, plain yogurt cottage cheese, egg yolks. It says to hold off on whole milk until 12 months but I think alot of that has to do with food allergies if your family doesn't have a history of allergies I would say its up to you and what you feel safe doing. I just bought these Gerber "spoons" they are for when lo start feeding themselfs ds tried them tonight and he liked it- its gonna take awhile to get it down but its a start. We just started Gerber puffs and he tries to get them to his mouth but is still struggling he just turned 7 months. I feel like I am so far behind with food for him because he had an allergy to rice cereal and it took over a month to confirm it with the method the doctor had us use. I do feed him table food when possible.


Rabbits07 - June 12

If there aren't alot of allergies in your family I would think it would be safe to give it to him...I've always heard where the yogurt is soured milk that it's not the same as whole milk, but I don't know that there is any truth to that. I always let mine make attempt at feeding themselves. It is good for developing their dexterity and motor control. Then I would feed them until they didn't want anymore to make sure they actually got food in their stomach!


olivia - June 12

Our pediatrician said yogart, hard cheeses, egg yolk, any veggies, pasta, bread, soft fruit, beans, rice, meat. He said no berries, shellfish, fish, nuts, honey, or milk. I am sort of confused too. What if the honey is cooked in something like pancakes or bread? At 12 months can she just magically eat all this stuff? It seems so confusing. She has eaten pretty much everything on the approved list even with no teeth. She no longer lets me feed her, she picks it up on her own, at the beginning she would let me help a little. She just got her first tooth two days ago (she'll be 10 months on the 20th). Anyway, good luck sorting it out SonyaM, it is confusing!!


SonyaM - June 12

Thanks girls. It is so confusing. They say no milk until 12 months, but to give yogart now which is milk based????? Doesn't make sense to me. We don't have any food allergies in our family so I am not too worried. My first son seemed more interested in eating table food than this baby. I remember when my first son was about 8 months and I would put cheerios and little pieces of banana on his highchair tray. He would pick out all the cheerios, eat them and throw all of the banana pieces on the floor.


Jamie - June 13

My daughter (10 months) has been exclusively on table foods for the last 2 months - I either let her feed herself, or I feed her, depending on what food it is. If it's something that has a sauce (spaghetti, etc.) I feed her, but if it's a "dry" type food, I let her feed herself. HTH



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