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ash2 - February 12

Some of you ladies i talk to outside of the forum, so this does not pertain to you...however, i am taking a break from the forum. Not sure how long or if i will be back, but the last 2 days i have had some hurtful things said about me. No i am not perfect ( as alot of you " assume " i am ) I keep an organized life because it is what suits me. I have no idea which ones are fake and which ones are true, but im a little annoyed at the fake usernames. I have let things that one or 2 people say to me really get under my skin. Why ? who knows, its just a da** computer, but it did. Apparently the advice i give , people twist it around and make it look like that i think i am better than them. I never once said that . Yes i talk about my kids alot because i am proud of them, who doesnt ? Someone said i am immature because i boast alot....no, i think 25 is a good age. I am not looking for pity or attention, i just wanted to make a " formal exit " for right now in case people were wondering. I just think i need a break from the ladies that are annoying me about the way they " think " i am. Now if you will excuse me, i have to get back to my " perfect " life. This was the place that i came to for relaxation and mingle with moms all over the world, but i guess people cant understand that being different is a good thing. So what if i clean my house alot...so what if my family is organized and with schedule, and so what if i like to talk about them alot....no reason to judge......


Rabbits07 - February 12

Hey ash, I understand how you feel as I have been there and done that, but I wish you wouldn't go. I remember when I first came on this forum there was practically no drama at all except for the occasional rustle brought over from other forums. Now it seems like an everyday thing and over the silliest stuff. I remember a while back there was actually a thread where people were arguing about meat! Take a few days to gather your thoughts and get away from it all if you need to, but don't go for long. I hate seeing familiar names disappear off the board and it seems to be happening more and more. I've always enjoyed your posts and your advice and hope to see more:-)


Lisastar9 - February 12

I will miss you . Hugs.


BriannasMummy - February 13

Im so sad to think that youre feelings got hurt through some of the things said. Every person is different and are pa__sionate about different things.. and I think its good that youre different. Ill miss you while youre gone, and I cant wait to see you come back. Keep in touch on myspace at least!! ~Kristin~


shelly22 - February 13

Sorry to see you go too. Who's going to keep us updated on current events also!! LOL. Well, keep in touch on myspace. I never get involved in the drama on here and see alot of people end up caught up in it. And somehow you just got caught. The only ones I know I can't get involved in is vaccines. I try to avoid the topic for a while and then can't resist, before you know it-I'm getting mad. So, I understand. Hope to talk to you soon Ash, :)


Rans - February 13

Hi ash2. I don't post often but read almost every day and have really come to enjoy your posts. I think you have great information and advice. I am sorry that there are some very rude people on here, but please let it be their problem, not yours. You will be missed! I feel that, we are all adults on here and if certain people don't like what you have to say they don't have to read it. They make the choice. I am sorry that you feel you have to leave the forum. I hope that you can take some time (not too much I hope) and come back. There are MANY of us here that love to read your posts and see value in your input. Enjoy your boys while you take your break. I have a lot of respect for you, you sound like you have it together, a happy family, a job you enjoy and healthy home. All the power to you, I wish you could give me some of your energy! So take care and I hope you are back really soon!


Bonnie - February 13

Ash, I hope you change your mind! Please don;t even bother with immature idiots that comeon here at times. You know they're not worth it!


LollyM - February 13

Aww, Ash2, please reconsider. I know people can be harsh but they are just idiots. I have always enjoyed your posts and I think that the things you do for your family are very admirable. Anyone who is saying that you are "perfect" or whatever is probably just upset because of the status of their own life. It's sad how people take out their own insecurities on others. In the long run, only you know what is best for you, but just know that you will be missed by many of us non-freaks on here =) I wish I knew your myspace url =(


aurorabunny - February 13

=(. I've always enjoyed your posts and your opinions as well. Sorry to see you go, hope you'll reconsider.


hello - February 13

I have been about one of the few people to reply to you over the last day or so with my real name.... It is the internet and you should not take it so hard and move on, things are forgotten the next day.... I see in some ways you have not read anything people say constructively to you and that was to think a little sometimes... To remember you are not the only mother who takes care of their kids, house and is proud of what they do.... My point to you was that you are not alone, you are not the only one who has it hard, loses sleep etc etc.... You should be very proud of all that you have achieved and are doing with 2 kids, i struggle with one .... Though at the same time, think about how someone may feel when you reply to them... Yes its rich coming from me but i have started to think a bit believe it or not......People do not need to take breaks from places they enjoy going too because people make up fake user names cause they aren't brave enough to say how they feel, you need to heed your own advice and take it with a grain of salt.... Be the mature one...


hello - February 13

For my part, i will apoligise if i said anything to upset you, it was not my intent.... I know you enjoy coming here so do not take a break cause of me or anyone ........do it cause u are tired of the site... That is all ash2


LollyM - February 13

I agree with hello. I am very spiritual and I just try to remember that even people i greatly dislike are a part of God and since I love god very much, I have respect for everyone's soul. The only one who can judge me is myself and God. No one else's opinion about me matters unless it is a good one. When I see murderers and rapists on tv, I feel sorry for them because they are only hurting themselves in the long run. I hate their actions, but I feel for their souls. People judge others because they are afraid of being judged themselves and this shows that they are less evolved souls than those who don't judge another. I pray for these people because I know that their journey must be frightening; feeling so alone. I even pray for the soul of my ex boyfriend who tried to rape me when I was 17. Don't let people's actions control you because then they have won. I am not trying to preach here, just trying to help others be strong. I don't care what your beliefs are as long as you believe in yourself. Good night, take care and remember that you know you are a good mother and wife and your own opinion of yourself is all that matters.


shelly - February 13

Hi ash ive not been on for a couple of days so i dont know whats gone on at all but dont leave ,just dont take any notice of them who ever they are, ive found your posts to be informative and helpfull,im sorry you have been judged dont leave.


Kara H. - February 13

I must have missed the threads that you are referring to, but I haven't been on here much the last couple of days. I hate to see go, but I understand taking a break! I haven't formally taken a break, but informally I have chosen not to come here for a few days since it gets me all fiesty and looking for an argument with hubby and its certainly not his fault! ;) So cool off if you need to but I will be looking forward to your return.


lexa - February 13

Oh Ash, dont go! It seems like the same thing is happening to hannababy when she posts now too! Funny thing is you can clearly tell its the same person changing their username (which they think fools people and it doesnt)! There are a lot of us on here who are true and it is a difference of opinions that we are all learning from. We are here to share our stories and help each other. I really hope you change your mind!!!!!!


bradylove - February 13

Aw ww ash2! don't go.... please! I so look forward to your posts, and it just won't be the same without you around. Don't let those guys get to you. We are all here to talk about our families and I aspire to being as organized as you. You know there will always be some negative jealous people around and you just have to ignore them. On my knees begging...you have to stay!


HannahBaby - February 13

Ash, i know exactly how you feel (hello, remember the a__suming thread and the 5 started after that one about me) Im sad that you are leaving and im sad that you feel that you have to leave. I hope that you will come back someday. take care



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