Taking Formula After Starting Solids

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carlabarla03 - January 23

My daughter is 5 months and we started solids (rice cereal mixed with formula) at 4 months. Since then we've also started veggies (no fruit yet). Her normal schedule is 9:00 am: 5 oz bottle and 4 tbsp cereal, 12:30 pm: 5 oz bottle and 1/2 tub of a veggie, 4:30 pm: 4 oz bottle, 7:30 pm: 5 oz. bottle, 4 tbsp cereal and the other 1/2 tub of veggie, and 9:30 pm: 4 oz bottle....does this sound normal?? Just in the past week she has really fought her bottles, she just loves taking food with the spoon, she stares us down when we're eating!! I know it's most important for her to have formula, but it's really a battle!! She's on the fastest flow nipple, and we've tried sippies, she knows how to suck from them but just doesn't seem to like it. She will also drink out of a regular cup a little bit. I am a first time mom and just nervous she isn't getting enough formula, at her last bottle today she would only take 2 1/2 oz :( I haven't given her any solids today to try and get her to drink more formula but no such luck!! Oh p.s. I always give her the bottle first...please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mjvdec01 - January 23

Hi, I am the mother of two. Our daughter will be three on the 9th, and our son is just over 6 months. I have never had this issue, but I would like to share with you how I do our son's feeding, which was the same for our daughter. First feeding in the morning is an 8 ounce bottle- no solids (about 7:30am). His second feeding is about 10:30am and he gets 4 ounces of formula and as much solids as he wants. I mash up organic bananas with a fork and he loves it. I also puree pears and he loves those too. Usually he eats a serving of each. At 1:30 he has another 8 ounce bottle- no solids, then at 4:30pm he as sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots or peas- I rotate between the green and orange veggies so he doesn't get overloaded and I turn his pigment yellow. I did that with my daughter and freaked because I though she was jaundice. Her pediatrican had a chuckle because I had done it to her myself. All the veggies and fruits she really liked were either orange or yellow in color. Anyway, then at 7:30pm he has another 8 ounce bottle, then he goes to bed. In another couple of weeks I will be changing things up and he will only be getting 2-8 ounce bottles a day. The schedule will be like this. 7:30am breakfast: 4 ounce bottle and solids, 10:30am 8 ounce bottle, 1:30pm, solids and 4 ounces of formula, 4:30 solids and 4 ounces of formula, 7:30pm 8 ounce bottle and then bed. In the mornings you know she is hungry, don't give her solids then, wait until the next feeding. That way you start off the day knowing she has had as much formula as she can take. Also, you said you give her the formula first, just make sure you are not feeding it to her in her highchair. I would snuggle up with her on the couch with little distraction, when she finishes the bottle, then move her to the highchair. This should remove the immediate expectation of solids. I hope this is helpful.


CgGirl - January 25

Hey Carla, my dd is 8 months and it's been a real fight with formula for about a month now. She is only down to like 4 times 4oz a day. But she is still gaining weight, and perhaps that's what you should also be looking for. I know how you feel though!



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