Talk To Me Baby

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TinaMarie - June 24

Hi, I totally know all babies are different and do different things at different times. But my daughter is 7 months and really has not said her first word. Now if she is crying in the crib she will blurt out something that resembles mama, but that is far and inbetween. She babble, squeals, smiles etc and I notice her babbling alot when she is playing. I always try to talk to her, trying to teach easy words. She will look at me, smile huge, sometimes laugh but never repeats me. I mentioned it to the doctor and they said it is just fine. She is not behind in anything else milestone wise, she has been crawling, standing and cruising for a month now. I was just curious when you little one really started forming sylibles and little words. Thank you for your input.


JAI - June 24

My son is almost 8 months old, and he still does not say anything proper, he just babbles up a storm. He sometimes says "dah dah" maybe for daddy but not too sure.


BIG RED - June 24

Hi my girls are older now but when they where babies they did not really start forming sylibles until after 1 year old.


SonyaM - June 24

My son is almost 9 months old and really isn't saying anything. My husband swears Mason has said up, dada and ball. I really have my doubts as I am with him all day. I think he has said mama but not really to me. I think it's still a little early.


punkin01 - June 25

Tina Marie my dd is 7.5 mos old and she does the same thing if she is crying she seems to be saying mama but that is the only time far as dada she said it one time and looked straight at her daddy when she said it we have repeated mama and dada till were blue in the face she will not repeat it but i started sticking my tongue out at her and she will do that on demand or when she sees me do it ....and a friend taught her to somehow crinkle up her nose and breathe in and out real fast and told her to "Tell daddy he stinks or bubba or who ever and then she does the breathing and the nose crinkle and dd will do it too when u tell her to and she sees u do it she will copy so i know as far as development wise she is ok she just refuses to talk ......and if yall can tell from my babbling on and on in this thread and any other i like to talk so she didnt get this no talking from me......hahaha


Crissy - June 25

My dd is just about 9 months old now and still hasn't said anything I can recognize. In fact, she just recently started using consonant and vowel combinations in her babbling. Glad to hear you other ladies say this is still early. I started to worry a little bit myself.



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