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Shelly - December 12

Hey,I just saw you posted which means we are "here" at the same time.Haven't had time to e-mail you back,and honestly,I have been lazy with e-mails.How is Kailey,is she sleeping?


Tami - December 13

Hey! I have been lazy with emails lately so I totally understand! Kailey just ate and she is laying on my lap right now. I want to get her into a deep sleep before laying her down, or she will instantly wake up anyways! She is just getting cuter by the day. She is laughing and cooing and talking more now, and I just want to play with her all day! :) How is Jesse? Just being his handsome little self? How are you feeling lately?. Have you fully recovered from surgery?


Shelly - December 13

Sorry,I went to bed pretty quick after I posted.jesse is doing great.He weighs 16 pounds and is almost 25 inches.he turned for months last friday,today he is 19 weeks.I can't believe it is going so fast.he is so much fun,he laughs out loud all the time,smiles and coos a lot,he is very busy with his hands and is starting to lift his b___t a lot,so soon he will be playing with his toes.He also moves around by lifting his b___t,like a reverse crawling.he sleeps through the night,we have a routine noe since the last 6-7 weeks,and during daytime we know he sleeps 2-3 short naps and one 3 hour nap.I am still not totally recovered from surgery,doc said probably b/c of the c-section,2 mayor abdominal surgeries is a lot,especially within 3 months .I am happy to hear Kailey is doing so good.How did she do with her shots?jesse needs to get them this week,I may wait till monday though.he did great with the 2 months shots,but that is no guarantee he will do ok with this one.I hate doing it,but it needs to get done.Poor babies.Have you heard anything from Amanda? I checked "our" site but nobody has posted on it lately.Hope all of them are doing ok.


Tami - December 14

Hey Shelly! I know how busy things get-you gotta sleep when you can! I am glad you areding well. Kailey did great with her shots. She had a slight fever and slept a little more than usual, but wasn't really fussy or anything else! They are hard aren't they? I cried more than she did! O?h, that will be so fun when Jesse starts playing with his feet-so cute! I can't wait until Kailey does that. Do you haveany update pics? Well, I'd better go. Kailey is being so clingy lately! I will talk to you later!


Shelly - December 14

The memory card on my digital camera counts 1226 pictures.Trust me,97% of those are Jesse's.Today he is 19 weeks so of course I had to take some more.I am such a psycho!! LOL>Jesse has been so much fun today.I thought I had been playing like 30 min with him when i looked at the clock and it had been 2 hours!!! It's true when they say time flies when you sre having fun.I will update Jesse's website this week.I have one picture that is so cute,he had had a bath,so he was wrapped in his hooded towel and he was b__wing raspberries,of course i had to take a picture of that,it looks like he is b__wing a kiss.Iwill defenetly put that one on the website.Well Tami,a couple more weeks and Kailey should start sleeping through the night.Jess has been doing that for the last 6 weeks or so,and it is so nice to know i have the rest of the evening for me.I do make sure I stick to the same routine.How are you doing on your christmas shopping? What else are you getting Kailey? I am waiting on a package from Holland ;from my in inlaws,I can't wait until it gets here.Should be any day.How is Chad doing with fatherhood?



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