Target Brand Night Time Lotion

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Mrs.Ireland - October 29

I use it on my 3.5 month old last night and about 5 mins after putting it on and getting her pj's on, she just started to scream like she was hurting soooooo bad, i mean real tears and all. My Mom was here and step dad and they were asking me if I did anything different and I mentioned the lotion and my step dad said, just give her another bath and wash it off. Sure enough she was fine a little after she settled down and got it all off of her. I threw that bottle away faster then I put it in my shopping cart. Is there something in there that would make her skin feel weird, maybe feel like ben gay or something?


DDT - October 29

I have never heard of this happening and I've never used that lotion myself, but I do use the Johnston's bath time drops (lavender for calming effects). IMO a lotion designed for babies should be hypo-allergenic. Does it say that on the bottle? Also, I only started using fragrance lotions and such when was ds was 4 months. He had sensitive skin and would break out on a rash. Obviously that lotion doesn't agree with your lo so I would stop using it and try another lotion. Or, in case it might have been a coincidence you could try using it again in a few days and see how she reacts.


RLWilcox - October 29

Thats soo odd, I use this same lotion on my Lo he almost 5 mnts and I have been using it for about a month. I have never had any problems with it, It is a hypoallergenic lotion. Im soo sorry that you baby had to feel that. GL


Mrs.Ireland - October 29

I have been using just the plan old JJ baby lotion and that's just fine. Maybe I got a defective bottle, I have no idea. i just felt so awful and like the worst mother in the world.


lily10 - October 29

I use the J&J bedtime lotion on my 4 month old and that has never happened to us. That must have been awful having your LO in such pain.


Babycakes - October 29

Dear Mrs Ireland, all babies are different. My dd reacted badly to all JJ products with red rashes under a minute. I immediately stopped them all and turned to huggies extra sensitive and gerber products, which she tolerated, so dont feel bad, just keep trying other brands until u find what she likes...



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