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Sarahsmommy - June 19

Has anyone tried the Target brand formula? We went to get formula on Friday and the had the gentlease in the target brand for $15 as opposed to $25 for the name brand. Just wondering if you liked it before I open it and can't take it back.


JEN - June 19

OMG! What does the can look like/say? I did not know that they made a generic for gentlease- my ds goes through 1 1/2 cans per week. I would absolutely give it a try...that's a big savings. Let me know how it works!!!!!


Sarahsmommy - June 19

The color is close to the purple on the gentlease can. I don't remember exactly what it says and it's now at the babysitters house. I will let you know how it works out.


JEN - June 20

OK- I bought 2 cans of this today- I can not believe that there is FINALLY a generic!!!!!!! I will post tomorrow and let you all know how ds takes it, but nutritionally it appears to be the same... : )


Nerdy Girl - June 21

How did you guys know it was generic Gentlease? Did it say "compare to Enfamil Gentlease" on it? OMG - I am so excited about this too because we go through quite a bit of Gentlease at our house as well!


JEN - June 21

Hey Nerdy Girl- it actually does say "compare to Enfamil Gentlease" right on the can. I have given my ds 2 bottles of it so far and all looks good ( although it usually takes a while if there is a problem). Anyway, it seems everyone's baby in my area eats this stuff, so I got the last 2 cans on the shelf. Thank you so much Sarahsmommy!!!!!!


Nerdy Girl - June 21

I will go to Target today!


Nerdy Girl - June 21

I just bought some. Thanks, Sarahsmommy. You are my Hero!


melissa g. - June 21

is Gentlease comparable to Good Start, with the broken down proteins? b/c if it is, I might want to try out the Target version! But I am wary, my dd had terrible times with Enfamil Lipil, but likes Good Start. Is it similar?


Nerdy Girl - June 23

Melissa, both the Gentlease and Good Start have the broken down proteins, but the Gentlease is also low-lactose. I am not sure about the lactose in the Good Start.


tiffani - June 23

I use Target formula when I don't have coupons for Nestle Good Start. Dylan is on the "regular" iron formula. I love it! It's so much cheaper and it's as good as any name brand. :o)


tiffani - June 23

melissa g.~ I prefer the Nestle too, it doesn't foam up at all, which is easier on the baby's little stomach. Target brand formula is just as gentle, and doesn't foam up either. :o)


Sarahsmommy - June 23

Sarah had one bottle of the Target brand yesterday and seemed to do ok on it. She will have it all day today so we'll see how it goes. Only difference we've seen so far is it's more of a yellowish color and not white.


Sarahsmommy - June 23

Oh, and btw, glad I could help everyone out. I was also totally impressed they had this in a generic, but hey if I end up saving $16-24 a month that would be wonderful.


lyn - June 23

Generic is as good as the name brand because it is able to be made when the patent expires on the name brand making it available for other companies to use the same formula (recipe). Same with any other generic brands.


tiffanyc - June 29

I am glad I visited here. I just got a can of the regular Target brand formula. I guess I did not see that they had the gentlease type. I do know that the Walmart brand of Parent's Choice has different amounts of certain nutrients and I asked my Dr. if it was ok and she said it does not have enough linoleic acid or folic acid in it. Target brand has the exact amounts that Enafamil has. I hope that it is really the same. I can't imagine that they could lie. They would be in a world of trouble. I am so happy I went to Target today and looked. It is half the price. Haven't tried it yet as I have a brand new can of Enfamil that I just opened.


Debi - June 29

I just recently found out the Walmart's brand is Good Start. My friend works for a pediatrician's office and the next time that the Good Start rep is in she is going to confirm this. If that's the case, woo hoo:) (I was told by a WIC worker, they used Good Start there for many years she said) Next time I'm there I am going to compare prices, I've never tried store brands.



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