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Kristina - December 12

Hello! If anyone wants to see Tasia's pics her website is http://www.babyhomepages.net/tasia


sheree - December 12

She such a cutie, she was born only a day after my girl, she was born on halloween, 31st oct weighing 7lb 13oz. This is her site [email protected]


The real Lissi - December 12

I left you a message. :)


Shelly - December 12

Me too!! She is sooo sweet,especially in her christmas dress.


Kristina - December 12

Thanks everyone! =) Sheree...my guess what that she would be born on halloween!! only 42 minits late! urgh! haha I still say technically I was right because I got pregnant in BC which is an hour behind where I live now. =) So it was still 11:42pm there! haha


Kristina - December 12

ps-my fave pic is the one where she is sleeping with daddy. =)


Sheree - December 12

Kristina- Mine was a c-section so she was born at 9:10am in the morning, so i knew when she was coming, at least she can have some pretty good parties when she older!!


Christy - December 12

Very cute- especially the pics with her in the Mrs. Claus outfit and the one with her dad. BTW- my son was born 11/7. :)


Tami - December 13

Kristina-she is adorable! I totally understand dressing her up early for Christmas! I haven't yet with my girl, but I plan on it within the next couple of days for pictures!


Kristina - December 13

Sheree-yeah the bday parties would be awesome! but I'm still going to do the halloween bday themes for her when she is older. =) Christy-Congrats on your baby too! What is your sons name? Tami-Yeah I just HAD to put her in that christmas dress!! it's just way too cute!! Plus I wanted to send 'em to family back home. =)


Kristina - December 13

Sheree-I tried going to that site but it wouldn't let...I was reading that some people are having probs with it today so maybe I'll try again tomorrow..I'm sure she is gorgeous! =)


TC - December 13

She is beautiful in her mini Mrs. Claus outfit. Congratulations!!


Chelsey - December 13

Kris, I left a message for her in your comment box! You know I think she is so adorable! That Piglet suit is to die for!


Kristina - December 13

Thanks TC and Chelsey! My mom got both of those outfits for her. haha. Good ol' grammie! =)


Narcissus - December 13

She is darling! I can barely remember what it's like having a 6 week old!!


Kristina - December 13

hmm sheree it still won't let me look at your babys pics! =(


sheree - December 14

Kristina-I just went there and it's finally working!!



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