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pinkbo0tlace - February 23

If you can recall not too long ago I posted about how I was wondering what a tattoo would feel like, etc... Just wanted to update those who responded that I DID get a tattoo today!!! I went with my friend and I was a little nervous but everything was fine. I knew what I wanted. I wanted a nautical star that looked torn up. The nautical star represented Alan ( my ex) because he has tattoos of those and I guess he is into those. The tears on the star are all the heartache I have been through when it comes to him, and the intact pieces are when it comes to me and how strong I have had to be to hold on and to kick him in the ass sometimes, no matter how much it hurt. It is a symbol of my emotional strength. I did A LOT of research and I read a lot that the lower back hurts.... but I wanted it there! I was so scared I almost threw up but when he started I relaxed and it all went good. Getting a tattoo DOES hurt, but I swear it to anyone that is scared to get one - that it is honestly NOTHING to be afraid of!... I'm so glad I did it. The star is teal and black :)


AshleyB - February 23

Congratulations on overcoming your fear! I have a semi-large one on the middle of my lower back and it hurt too, but it wasn't nearly as bad as childbirth! lol.


lexa - February 23

I envy you both! I hate needles and pain! If I can avoid it, I will:-) (hmmm, and Ive been through childbirth twice?!?!) Congrats to you on your new tattoo.


SuzieQ - February 24

I'd like to get one too - three little hearts. Two small white ones to symbolize the loss of two babies (m/c's) and one pink one for my beautiful daughter. I'm still working on the design and looking into the colors though :)


eclipse - February 24

congrats, I knew you could do it. Does it look fabulous? Did it turn out the way you want? Word of advice, don't rip off the gauze if it sticks, wet it first. I lost a little of the red in my flames of my dragon that way. Neosporin is your friend for the first two days! They heal fast, and will peel-don't pick it!!! You could lose color. Ok. Enjoy!


pinkbo0tlace - February 24

Yes, I loooove it. Wow...tattoos give you an addiction i want more and more and more lol lol..


ash2 - February 24

I would like to get one to symbolize my 2 boys , but if i get preggo again i wouldnt have to courage to get another one ! lol


punkin01 - February 24

i want one (or should i say another one...i already have a teddy bear that symbolizes my hubby) but i want one that shows each of my kids i have a DS and a DD and 25 weeks preggo with DS i had thought about 3 hearts 2 blue 1 pink or tiny foot prints in blue and pink ...but i still dont know for sure what exactly i want or where i want it this time......i want to be able to see it .....i cant see the bear it is on my left shoulder blade.........any suggestions?


piratesmermaid - February 24

I want one. Have for the longest time, but I don't have the b___s to actually go get it. I want it on the top of my foot, one of the more painful spots! So I don't think it'll every happen for me....


pinkbo0tlace - February 25 of the guys that works down at the tattoo shop asked me on a date! LOL


eclipse - February 25

Is he hot? If you get truly addicted to tattoos, you might be spending a lot of time there. Punkin, what about your thigh or ankle? That way you can see it but can cover it if you want, especially upper thigh. My friends have one each there, and I rarely remember they have them unless they remind me. Pirates, that is a BAD spot-what about the part above that where your shin starts? The skin isn't so thin and you could do a cool wrapping job around if it is a design like that. Sorry, I love this subject. I still want to learn how to tattoo. My dad said he would disown me if I became a tattoo artist though :)


pinkbo0tlace - February 25

Is he hot? hahaha.....VERY!! Sorry to say, but he kinda looks like "K-Fed", but bigger. He is a doll. BUT....he called me today and said he was bored, and asked me if I wanted to come to the shop - because we got tons of snow last night the shop was REALLY slow, and he wanted some company to chill with him and the other guys. So, I went down there...Then, he asked me a favor - to drive him to his house to get something...I figure ..what the heck ya know? So I did - then he asked if I'd like to see his place - so I went in. I was so suprised! His place was really nice and he even had window stickys on the windows, LOL ... I thought that was cute for a grown man that works at a TATTOO shop. Not all rough and tough. lol. He is catholic, and had his own prayer section in his room. I thought that was really cool - BUT.... he started to kiss me... and I was like "Im sorry, but I don't want to do that" and he was like "Okay, I understand"...but he still asked for more..and more..and more (do ya get what I'm trying to say?) But he did eventually STOP trying *lol* and told me that he gets "good vibes" from me. I have mixed emotions. I'm a little creeped out that he didn't listen to NO the first time...that he is kinda puhsy...He is hott but I just wanted to get to know him first - Kissing, etc... was in the WAY back of my mind. I am also flattered that I am getting that much attention (lol, lol) . So I dunno what to do? Maybe I should stright up tell him that I like him but his pushyness made me uncomfortable and if he does it again I will pull the plug on talking to him.


pinkbo0tlace - February 25



mischelly30 - February 26

Yay, pinkboot! Welcome to the club!!


eclipse - February 26

Be straight with him, that he is a cool guy but he is moving too fast, you don't know him, and he needs to listen when you say no. If he doesn't like that answer, you have yours. But if you play your cards right, you might get free tattoos! :P


LollyM - February 26

yay! tattoos are the best =) I would be honest with the guy though. Just tell him that you want to take things slow, If he really likes you, he will go along with it.. If he is just trying to get some, then you will probably be able to tell! Congrats on the hottie though =) keep us posted!


venus_in_scorpio - February 26

cool, I want to get another one soon myself...



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