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hrsmith - June 30

I am planning to get my third and final tattoo sometime in the near future. I was going to wait until I had another child ( don't know if we are gong for 3 or not) but my dh and I were PG last month, but I lost it. I was very sad, but have come to terms with it. I figure this way, it will give me a few more months to space my children apart:) Anyway, I want to have the first letter of my son's name scripted insome way on my back. Maybe some type of flower or something added. That's what I am not sure of. I am hoping that I can have it done in a way that I will be able to add the other letter when the next is born. It's not going to be too big, none of my tattoos are, but I really don't think I can wait Does anyone have any ideas they can share?


ashtynsmom - June 30

I have an "A" in caligraphy lettering on my hip with ivy around it for Ashtyn. My friend also has one with the first letter of her sons name with his birthdate underneath.


AprilMum - June 30

Maybe look up the flower for his birth month.


HannahBaby - June 30

I have hannah and a b___terfly tattooed on my foot (right above where your flip flop strap sits.) Its on my left foot, it hurt like a b___h but i love it because its out in the open for everyone to see


hrsmith - June 30

thanks! i already have a tattoo of holly leaves on the top of my foot. i know what you mean about painful!! I will look up the flower of his birth month.


Gwenna-mom - June 30

I had a friend that had a perfect flat little tummy in college. She tattooed a really cool design all the way around her belly b___ton. It was HUGE about the size of a salad plate. Now I really like tattoos-the bigger the better. I'd even like to go to Miami and have Garver do some major artwork on me. But I thought that was a poor choice at the time. I asked her if she ever planned on having children. "Um, well, I think so." So I've since lost touch and I just keep wondering. a__suming she did have kids....How big did the tattoo get? Did it snap back symmetrically?


jas - July 1

I have a mother dragon touching noses with her baby dragon on my ankle. I am going to get it touched up to add another baby dragon for my second son. My dh has a dragon on his arm with a section of the moon in its claw. The rest of the moon is in the background (representing me) on the piece of the moon (in the claw) he has our first borns astrological signs on it. He will be adding our second sons signs to it.


Heavenly - July 1

I am addicted to those Tatt shows on tv. I saw a gorgeous flower tatt that I want. It's actually several flowers on a vine and they stretched from the girl's shoulder and wrapped across her back down to her waist. I loved it! If I can lose weight that is what I want.


Heavenly - July 1

I just had an idea about the flower vine tatt. It would be neat to connect all of your birthday flowers together on a vine.


punkin01 - July 1

i want to have little blue foot prints tattoo and have my sons name under it and pink ones for my daughter with her name maybe their birthdays


Rabbits07 - July 1

I'm scared of needles and avoid them when possible...;-D


Heavenly - July 1

Ok the footprint idea is too cute. My husband wants to get a tatt of the word baby with angel wings because we had two miscarriages.


Layla - July 3

I too am looking for a tattoo idea to honor my son. My husband got a barcode on his arm with our sons birthday as the numbers that go underneath. Some ppl dont get it but I think its so sweet. He got it because barcodes are used to identify an object and he feels our son is who identifies and defines him. his is unique and i want something as unique and meaningful but its so hard finding something that hasnt been done.



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