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krystal - January 8

I was just wondering if any of you guys knew if it was ok to get a tattoo while br___tfeeding. I am heading out to the really big city this afternoon and i don't get to got here very often and i've always wanted a tattoo and now would be the perfect time to get one it's just that i'm br___tfeeding and i don't know if i can. would the ink show up in the br___tmilk where it's fresh or would it just be like having a tattoo while br___tfeeding??


xXx-Lesley-xXx - January 8

Yes it is fine. I got a tattoo on my ankle while I was b___stfeeding my daughter.


Christy - January 8

Wow. That is an interesting question. Per "There is no evidence that getting a tattoo will affect b___stfeeding. There should be no harm to mom or baby from the dyes injected. If you get a tattoo, the biggest concern for anyone (not just nursing moms) is infection (hepat_tis or HIV)-- so make sure the place you go has good references and is clean." There are other links with info on this site. The specific link to this site and info is: The only dash is between mom-activities. My only other worry would be your skin integrity at this time. I know that I have some flabby skin in spots that is starting bounce back (with stretch marks- boo hoo!) and would worry about how the final result would look if I got a tattoo there. I imagine if I got one on my ankle or somewhere like that, though, it would look fine. If you decide to do it, have a nice long talk with the tattoo artist about your concerns and make sure s/he opens the needles in its sterile packaging in front of you. Have fun this afternoon and let us know if you did it and what you got. :)


krystal - January 8

OH TY! now i can finally get


Kris10 - January 8

make sure you post a picture of the final artwork - that is if it's in an appropriate place! :)


krys - January 8

ok guys i will let you know tomorrow when i get home we are goin up for the night.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - January 8

I'm wanting another tattoo. But I want one covering. I got a moon on my arm with a scroll, and it has Adams name in it. Now I have 3 children I need more names. I want something nice that can have them added to it for future children. I think the bigest regret I have with tattoos is the one on my b___b. I hate it, wish I never got it.


krystal - January 8

yeah, i was thinking about getting something like that- with my kids initials. but i decided to wait on that one b/c im not sure if im done having kids!lol


desiree - January 8

Ohhh, Lesley me too!! I got a stupid Thumper rabbit on my b___b when i was 17. Back then I thought is was oh so cute, but now all I see is a jack rabbit. it is getting better, but when I just finished b___stfeeding it was droopy and sad!!However I do have a large b___terfly on my lower back that I still love!!


Misty - January 8

I am about to get a tattoo with my 2 kids names and birthdays on the top of my foot. I might have another kid, two tops, then I will just put there names and birthdays on the top of the other foot. :-) It would match. Just one thing for you to consider before getting a tattoo on your foot or ankle, ( I have two on my ankle already) it makes it hard to wear those s_xy, feminine high heels.



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