Tea Time Favorites

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Toya - November 16

I just started a new thing a week ago and it is tea time! I have a daily tea time...I brew some herbal tea... (My favorite is peppermint)...listen to some music (right now it's Frank Sinatra's Christmas songs...his voice is so soothing.) and I'll read a book or something...For all of the tea drinkers...what is your favorite flavor and what do you add to it. Mine favorites are 1. peppermint 2. chamomile...and I add honey to both.


chelsey - November 16

My favorite tea is Earl Grey, for some reason! I just drink it black! I usually have a cup before bed, while sitting by the fireplace! Soooo relaxing! However, I did get some Warm Apple Cider last week, which I haven't had in years! I forgot how yummy it tasted! But overall, above any other warm drink... I love coffee! (With a little French Vanilla cream, ofcourse!) BTW, I'm glad that I'm not the only one in the mood for Christmas! Christmas songs cheer me up so much!


Julie - November 16

We have been drinking alot of White Tea in our house it is really good for you and has lots of antioxidants in it.


d - November 16

Its nice you take the time to relax with tea. When my baby sleps that's when I try to do somehting I like such as being on this site. I also began learning about how to water colour paint and tried to paint yewterday but I'm not happy with the results. If anyone knows how to paint watercolur maybe you can give me some pointers on how to create some light shades next to dark ones in a flower petal. I like rasberry tea. I drink fruity teas for fun, occasionally. I drink chamomile everday when I have a cold until my sore throat and chilles go away. I heard drinking with honey is good for the sore throat but I did not like it but only to eat it with bread and b___ter. Everyone is different. I'm also not a coffee drinker. I pefer to drink juice every day. Something fruity, cold and quenching than something that will make me feel hot. Some people like to put milk in their tea. I always thought milk and cream was for coffee only?


Mommy - November 16

Does anyone ever drink hot tea? I drink hot tea with sugar and some vanilla creamer. My grandma was full French and came over on a big boat when she was 6, and she always made hot tea. When I make it or give a small cup to my boys they say that's the French coming out of me. :o)


Jadyns Mommy - November 16

I definitely enjoy a hot cup of tea with milk and sugar. When I lived with my nan, she loved to make a huge production of tea time and we would sit in the garden (or in the patio if too cold) and just talk about whatever girly things we could. I really do miss that. Now I barely have time to sit down to watch the news and have to put on Headline News to get a quick rundown of the days events in 30 minutes!


Mommy - November 16

I miss doing those girly things too. Sigh. :o)


belle - November 17

I like Green Tea with Mint (I think Bigelow makes it).



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