Teen Throws Newborn In Trash

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Beccah - January 9

I'm watching this on Nancy Grace on TV and I am absolutely appauled! This 15 year old, just turned 15 hid her pregnancy and threw her healthy baby boy in a trash can 1 hour after it was delivered! This stuff is so sickening, doesn't she know the people who would give their right arm to love that child? Doesn't she know that some of us would kill to have been pregnant that long and delivered a healthy baby? OMG, she could have dropped that child off at a hospital, and everything would have been fine. I just can't believe this! I am looking at Bradyn right now with tears in my eyes as he smiles at me. I love that kid so much, and he has been through so much, but he's alive and healthy now. I can't imagine someone disposing of a CHILD like it was a piece of garbage!


jg - January 9

She should be sterilised.


Lisastar9 - January 9

Did they actually know who the mother was hope she gets charged,as weel the advice of jg said


Christy - January 9

A similar thing happened here not too long ago. In fact, it occured when I brought Ben home from the hospital. We have a law in Ohio that allows a person to drop their baby off anonymously to the hospital, police station, or fire dept w/in 48 hours of giving birth with no questions asked. The law was mentioned bc this baby's mother dd not know about it or care to use it help her child. In fact, there have only been 1 or 2 doc_mented cases where someone utilized the law to give their baby a better life. Sad stuff, sad stuff. I am going to put my little blessing in his crib now and go than God for him. G' night.


Beccah - January 9

Lisa, the mother is on trial, it was on court tv, I think. The teen's mother noticed her daughter was bleeding and took her to the hospital. She obviously had just given birth, and some police officers noticed the infant in the trash at about the same time. They put two and two together. I'm going to try to find a news story on it now.


Beccah - January 9

Christy, they had mentioned in the Court TV show that the last similar case of this was when a teen delivered at her prom (in the bathroom) and tried to kill her baby, she then went BACK to the prom, requested Metallica's "Unforgivable", and danced the night away. So sick!


Beccah - January 9

Here's the closest thing I could find: http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0601/09/ng.01.html (no dashes)


Christy - January 10

In the thing that recently occured in Cleveland, I don't think they found the mom, as far as I know. But she stuck the baby in trash at a mall restroom in downtown Cleveland in early November, I believe.


OMG! - January 10

Can you imagine being that poor baby: cold, hungry, alone, everything so foreign, etc? What a witch. I hope she runs into a bus, really.


Christy - January 10

I stand corrected. It was in October. http://www.newsnet5.com/news/5118747/detail.html (no dashes)


L - January 10

There are too many ways to avoid having a child if you don't want one. This is sick. Very sick.


Narcissus - January 10

Beccah, I always cry when I hear about tragic stories involving children. It's like they are speaking about my child. St. Jude Children's Hospital commercials always get me as well.


re - January 10

Obviously she was in a bad state of mind and most probably terrified.


Beccah - January 10

She was terrified? Maybe, but she had 9 months to figure out what to do. Did the pregnancy test come back positive last week? No, so was she planning on killing the baby the entire time? What was going through her mind?! She hid her pregnancy (that's another ball game, IMO, how do you not know your daughter is 9 mos preg?) I forgot to say in my original post that this happened over the weekend, and the baby is in critical condition on a respirator, not dead.


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 10

Brings tears to my eyes anytime I hear something like that. I thank God every day for my little miracle.


Christy - January 10

About teens hiding their pregnancy from parents- it happens all of the time. Our friend (who is 39, a CPA, and once-divorced with 3 kids) didn't tell her parents that she was pregnant when she 17. She was chubby, so she was able to wear baggy clothes and hide it. When she went into labor, she went up to her dad and said, "You need to take me to the hospital. I think I'm having a baby." Her son is a junior at University of Cincinnati now. Point being that some girls can hide their pregnancies pretty well when they want to.


TC - January 10

I feel so sorry for the entire family. I think that it so sad that this girl did not feel like she could go and tell her parents that she was pregnant. It is also sad that she believed throwing the child in the trash was the best option. I never got pregnant as a teen (had some scares) but if I did, I would not have had a problem telling my mom. I think the problem with this story is that people are not realizing that the "mother" is a child as well. Just bc her body could do adult things, doesn't make her capable of having an adult mind.



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