Teethers Recalled

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Damiens Mom - February 1

The liquid filled teethers made by The First Years are being recalled.Here's their website for more info http://www.thefirstyears.com/customerService/teetherrecall.asp


Heidi - February 1

OMG! Mom said she saw this on the news and thought it was like Emma's teether and IT IS!!!! I couldn't find any info on the web though and gave it to her last night!!!! YIKES!!!! Thank you SO MUCH for listing this link. Mom thought it was like mine but she's kind of dingy sometimes and said she just caught a glimpse of it on the news the other night so I figured she was wrong. Guess not! I'm going to send it in for sure. I only have given it to her once or twice and it hasn't leaked.


C - February 1

I'm doing something wrong when copying the link. What does it look like? I tried just going in their site. Maybe I'll do a google search.


Heidi - February 1

Take the dash out after .com. Then it will work. Or just go to www.thefirstyears.com and look at the recalls. Mine has whinnie the pooh on it.


hey - February 1

This is the second recall I have seen on liquid filled teethers in about 6 months. I am beginning to think we should just be using ones that do not contain liquid. The first was for "little teethers". From now on I am going to stick with the ones that do not contain liquid.


Heidi - February 1

I thought they only contained water?? I'm going to look up pseudomonas aeruginosa on the internet and see what the hell is in those teethers! Scary.


melissa - February 1

Thanks for posting this--I had one of them, but hadn't opened it yet. I've got it in the envelope to send out!


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - February 1

OK we dont have this teething ring (actually we dont have any teething rings) We have found these teethers at places like babies r us and baby depot I am not sure what they are called but they are a REALLY thick plastic (like that on teething blankets and toys) and you put your own water in, freeze it and it does not leak at all! They are wonderful! They also dont melt as fast, yesterday, we went to the mall (spent the whole day out) and when we got home yesterday afternoon (like 5:30) Amaya's was still pretty much frozen. I also have a fresh fruit feeder and I freeze bananas, melon and other fruits and put them in there for her. She doenst have teeth yet and she loves those! Its just another option!


Heidi - February 1

That's a good idea. I got these from my shower so that's the only reason I have them. I have some toys that have just water in them for chewing on too. I'll have to dig those out tonight for her. They're in a really thick plastic too so they can't leak or break open.


K - February 1

Thank you Damien's Mom!!!!!! I'm still a couple of weeks away from labor, but I had one of these. Scary! Nice to know I could have been sticking something contaminated with dangerous bacteria in my daughter's mouth. How the heck does something like that happen at a baby goods factory?!


Heidi - February 1

I'd like to know too. Sounds like it's a common bacteria found in water but not tap water!!!!


Maria - February 2

Thanks for this post, Damien's Mom! I thought the teethers on the Net looked familiar and when I went to look at mine, it was one of them! Haven't opened it yet, since my daughter doesn't need it, but I will definately send it in. Makes me not want one anymore!


Beth - February 3

I had this for about a week. I didn't like the way the individual circle thing could fit inside my baby's mouth and thought the plastic connecting them together was not strong enough. I was scared my son would choke! I threw it away


me - February 3

I could not open the link, so I don't know what the teether look like. But right after I read this thread my son's teether broke, I was wondering why his bed was so wet and found out that it was from the teether, so scary..luckily he didn't swallow the water..geez better stick with those without water.


me - February 3

I removed the dash and finally found the website, and the disney teether is exactly like my son's. I began to worry about my son now, I am not sure if he swallow it or not.



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