Teething And I Thought Colic Was Bad

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Lindsey - February 17

I am at my wits end, my son has been screaming for the last 2 hours. I'm sure it's down to teething (he is 8 months old - no teeth yet), he is sucking mad on his dummy and blowing raspberries a lot, he doesn't have a temp. My question is does teething normally peak at nightime as he has been his happy self all day, yesterday he also screamed but only for 1/2 hour before falling asleep. Please please please reassure me that this will not go on for long (even if you have to lie lol). Also how many of you out there have experienced no teeth still before 8 months.


CyndiG - February 17

Carlie is 7 months and no teeth. I was really lucky with my older dd that she would only be cranky the day before a tooth came in. So I don't know. Have you tried Baby Orajel just to make sure it's his teeth? I always worry about ears when they scream for no reason....but my dd had terrible ear infections. I was no help was I???? Sorry!


Lindsey - February 17

Thanks for your help cindig, i have used bonjela (i think that is the UK's equivalent to orajel), it seems to help a little but only for a little while, he seems to be getting worse and worse as the days go on. I can feel the teeth when I am ma__saging his gums so hopefully anyday now they will come through. I just hate seeing my poor little man in pain, he had such a hard time with colic and now this, it breaks my heart.


shelly - February 17

lindsey,my ds is 7 months and is going thro hell at night with the teething, its bad in the daytime but worse at night, i just use calpol now when its really bad, the teething powders ashton and parsons are quite good but only for a while,teeth or a tooth must be imminent if he really bad with it but then i say that every day with my ds and am despairing of ever finding a tooth lol. altho i was thinking about what cyndi said as i noticed ds pull on his ear yesterday,my older son had a lot of ear infections,its hard to tell, but calpol and gla__s of wine[for you lol]seems to take the worst of the edge off.


Lindsey - February 17

Shelly, my husband is upstairs now with his as he seems to have settled a little bit and I am here with a big gla__s of red. I haven't noticed any pulling of the ears lately but he has done in the past. I just feel so helpless and so sorry for him, i know it won't go on forever - but at this time it seems like it. I don't like to think that I am pumping his body full of drugs but i'm tempted to give him some calpol before he does to bed at 7, he always goes down well, it's about 9pm he wakes up screaming - so maybe that will help. I fel bad though for giving it to him when he isn't at his worst ( do you know what i mean) anyway I hope i made sense lol, i think i've rabbled on a bit lol. On a funny note, i think my dh has forgot about our baby intercom as i can hear him singing twinkle twinkle little star, ha ha i just love it.


shelly - February 17

ahh bless lindsey,i caught my 10 year old baby talking to baby ds and he d always made fun of me for babytalking and i caught him,he went all red so sweet,yes sometimes ids worth giving it earlier even if they are not at their worst as it lasts for 4 to 6 hours dosent it, yes its total hell and the worst of it lindsey is these are supposed to be the easy teeth arent they, cant think of what the back ones will be like when theyre coming thro,that will be a treat for us [not] dont worry you made perfect sense, my ds seems to go thro stages with the teething some nights not so bad ,others awful, you enjoy your gla__s of red,ive got my gla__s of baileys here lol, hopefully they might have a couple of teeth in the morning,you never know


dee23 - February 17

well, im also hoping this doesnt go on for much longer. ds is just over 7 months, and is doing the night and day screaming, ear pulling, raseberry b__wing, finger biting, seperation axiety thing. he has been teething since 3 months and no teeth! he is getting progressivly worse as the days go by so we cant take him anywhere without him screaming and sooking the whole time. his bottom left tooth broke through the gums a few days ago but its closed back over now so here we go again. mil keeps telling us to freeze a teaspoon and rub it on his gums to crack the skin open...lol...um no, i dont think we'll try that one. anywho, i cant help, but hopefully it will be over for us soon.


Lindsey - February 17

I'm so glad that I am not going through this alone, sometimes my family and friends mae out as if I am exaggerating the whole thing, well maybe if they came here an hour ago they would see. I am so grteful to you girls for your advice as it is very rea__suring to know that your baby is not the only one going through this. Heres to a speedy teething process, tonight in my prayers, i pray for teeth lol


apr - February 18

oh, I am going through that now too. my little angel has turned into a a real sour puss... I cant do anything without him screaming the place down, and the worst is, he refuses to sleep in his bed, so he's co sleping with me...I cant believe I actually gave in to him, but what can I do? Stay up all night...he's 6 months old, and I really cant handle it anymore


foxhoundsrgr8 - February 18

My son is almost 8.5 months old and his first tooth is just cutting through now! He gets grumpy from time to time, but he is nowhere near as bad as he was with his reflux! His sleeping habits leave a lot to be desired as of late though - maybe that's down to teething as well??


Lindsey - February 18

Last night was rough, he woke up every 2 hours, we gave him bonjela but after 2 hours he was screaming again, he was so knackered he could barely keep his eyes open, he is also very miserable this morning, I have given him some nurofen and that has semed to calm him, but still no sign of teeth, luckily my dh has been fab and got up a few times with him to let me sleep as I have work today. Thanks girls, i hope your babies get their teeth soon. xx


AnytimeLittleone - February 18

Hi Lindsey... my dd is currently teething. I find that what pains them most is the teeth making their way to the surface... not the actual breaking through. Once you feel that little sharp edge, he should start sleeping better... good luck to you..


mandee25 - February 18

I don't have an answer but a question. Can anyone tell me what "b__wing raspberries" means?


Lindsey - February 18

Mandee, put your lips together and b__w or stick you tongue out, close your mouth and then b__w, LOL that is b__wing raspberries.



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