Teething Tell Me All About It

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JerseyGirl - October 19

I'm 99.9% sure my 4-month-old DS is teething (drooling constantly, sucking his arms & hands and even my fingers), but at what point do I give him baby Orajel? Sorry if it seems like there would be an obvious answer, but he's my first.


DDT - October 19

I would think if he seems like he's in pain visibly...crying, overly fussy ect. I never gave my ds Orajel because it just never got that bad (so far anyway) and because I've heard some negative things about it. Giving him frozen teething rings throughout the day seemed to help, and also (which my ds loved) ice chips in his mesh feeder. He finally broke his first tooth about 2wks ago (btw he's 8 months old and has been "teething" since 4 months).


excited2bemama - October 19

I have been afraid to use it too- b/c alot of my friends tried it and they say its really strong and you have to be careful b/c it numbs their mouth... and lo has been teething since 2.5 months and no teeth yet- she is never super uncomfortable. I have given tylenol twice maybe and that seemed to help alot.


DB - October 19

I have yet to give Orajel and my dd has two teeth. She began drooling at 3months...I never suspected teething..she was/is just a drooly baby. I noticed when her 2 bottom teeth cut through she was just extremely fussy for 2 days, refused her milk and solids, then they cut through and she was back to normal! Teething is wierd because so many things can be blamed on "teething", lol!!! Yes, teething rings help lots.


wailing - October 20

I don't think I'm going to use the bb Orajel unless I ABSOLUTELY need to. Ds is 4 months now and teething. I wet half a washcloth (bb size) and put it in the fridge. He likes to chew that. The teething rings are good, but make sure u buy ones that they can hold, and can fit in their mouths. We just bought some cute ones but their too big for his fingers and are too large for him to mouth. I'll most likely use Tylenol if it gets bad.


JerseyGirl - October 20

Great. Thanks for your suggestions!



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