Teething Already

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Heidi - December 17

Can babies start teeting at 2 months? Emma has been acting not herself lately. She's having fussy crying fits and gnaws on her hand like mad and is starting to drool. She acts like she's in pain cus she'll just start crying out of nowhere. She wants to nurse a lot more too. Not sure what's going on. No fever either.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 17

Lucas started at 2 mos with all those symptoms, I say yes. He is 4 mos today, and still no teeth. But I keep hoping for one, the poor little guy is in pain a lot! He is a little dramatic too though LOL!


C - December 17

My son started showing teething signs about 2 months before the first one broke through the gums. She may be an early teether like my son was.


Heidi - December 17

Oh and she rubs her face when she gets upset like this. She's never done that before or gnawed on her hand like she is. This all started Tuesday and I thought she was getting a cold or the flu but nothing evolved and then someone said teething and I looked in my book and it said 7 months so I pa__sed that off. Her nose and around her eyes seem to get a little red too but that could be from her rubbing her face and clawing at it. Poor little girl! When did you start giving cold teething rings? She's not old enough to even hold one yet :( When she nurses she just goes to town and latches on and off like she's really mad or something and a couple times she got the side of my b___b and I swear there's teeth in there cus her gums are HARD and it pinches!!! She went from being this quiet little thing to downright mad! She's been getting really ga__sy again too which we had under control and now it's back again. I thought maybe she had a stomach bug but I guess not.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 17

I started about then with the teethers, I had to hold them for him, but now he is pretty good at it. Lucas just this week started rubbing his eyes and face, especially when tired. It is so funny sometimes!


Heidi - December 17

I wondered if she was tired too. Do you freeze the teethers or just put them in the fridge? She'll grab my hand if I'm holding her a certain way and start sucking like mad or my sweater if I'm trying to position her for nursing. I thought she was starving but it must be teething. We see her doctor on Tuesday for her shots so I'll ask about it then. Her gums don't look red though. They're white and hard and lumpy looking.


TC - December 17

My son started at 2mos but I did not believe that he was actually teething. Now he is almost 4mos and I know for sure that that is what it was. It can sometimes take quite a few months for the teeth to actually come up. My son does not have any yet. When you go to the doctor they could tell you if she is teething. Sometimes we look at our babies so hard we don't know what to look for anymore.


Heidi - December 17

I put a teething ring in the fridge and I let her suck on it and she gnawed away on it while I held it. Poor girl! I guess I just thought they didn't start having teething pain till a lot later. Guess I was wrong. Glad I asked. I almost took her in early.


The real Lissi - December 17

Heidi, just keep the teethers in the fridge. Nadya is behaving the same way, I'm sure she's teething. I found a teether, which is just like a dummy, but with a kind of chewy gum shield, which is also very handy for applying teething gel and of course she doesn't have to hold it in her hand.


Dawn C - December 18

Heidi I am going through the exact same thing as you. My lil guy is fine smiling cooing and raises hell a second later for no reason. I started giving him a teething ring to chew on. My mom has an old friend that is a peds dr and he said this am no way it is to early to teeth I DO NOT BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I say he is. He told me that he was advanced with holding his head up so I SAY HE IS ADVANCED TEETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


T. - December 18

My daughter started teething that early and now she is 4 months and has 2 teeth. I saw them when she was 3 months, but they didn't come through the skin until about a week and a half ago.They are very sharp and sometimes I forget not to put my finger in her mouth and I get a nice little reminder! Lol!


Heidi - December 18

A friend just told me her daughter started teething at 2 month too and had a tooth by 4 months!


T. - December 18

Maybe your baby isn't too far off from getting one (or two) herself!


Erin - December 20

I am a Dental Hygienist--you should ask your family. Generally people who have kids who teethe early, had teeth early themselves. It is more uncommon, but some kids are born with teeth. 2 months is uncommon as well, but not out of the question for babies to start teething. If they enjoy sucking on a teething ring, then I say Whatever Works!! Just keep an eye out for any changes on their lower gums, bottom two teeth are the first to cut. Good luck.


Heidi - December 20

Well we saw the doc today and she said she's not teething. She just thinks she's exploring more with her mouth, which would explain the fist sucking. She didn't see anything that would make her believe she's teething just yet.


Nini - December 22

My daughter is 5 months today and started teething at 2 1/2 months old.Her teeth actually came through when she turned 3 months and now they are big



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