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amberC - March 8

My dd is now 2 1/2 months. She has been acting like she is teething. Is this possible? I was just wondering if this was normal and if there was anything i could do to ease her pain.


Perl - March 8

Hi Amber. I just posted a similar question and noticed yours. What is your dd doing. My ds is 4 months old and crying while putting his fist in his mouth but he does this alot. Lately he's started to try to put his fingers in his mouth while I am b___stfeeding. I hope we get some answers soon.


Erynn21 - March 8

My dd started teething at about 3 months and had her first 2 bottom teeth at about 3.5 months and she now is almost 6 months and that all she's got. She sucked in her fist and drooled excessively, anywhere between 3 months and 8 months is "normal" for sprouting up teeth. She may just be an early teether like my daughter. I would call your doctor to see if she can have any teething gel or anything like that, it may be too early for her to have it.


LollyM - March 9

dd started teething at 2 months. We used a tiny bit of baby oragel and infant Tylenol along with giving dd teethers that were just room temp, the cold ones freaked her out! lol she finally got two teeth at 4 months!


amberC - March 9

she puts her fist in her mouth. she constantly has to have something in her mouth. Also i noticed that she puts her bib in her mouth and kinds grinds her gums on the fabric. i didnt know if this was teething behavior or dd was just weird lol. also she is bottle fed and will take a break from eating to chew the nipple. my dd nvr really cried that much until recently and i was thinking this was why.


lin7604 - March 9

how else can you for sure know they are teething beside all the drooling? my ds has been for 2.5 months chewing everything, stuffing his fists in his nouth, drooling a lot ( soaking lots of bibs a day) and has had rosey cheeks 3 days this week. he also soft bm's but i think that is from the atmeal cereal we started this week. what else to make sure... he has had terrible nights so i don't know if that also is a key.


Perl - March 9

That's two people who mention diarrhea, is that a symptom of teething too? Also do they get fever?


LollyM - March 10

diarrhea can happen with teething because of the excess drool. Ava never had a fever while teething, and I'm not sure if it is a symptom. I think that any baby with a fever should be taken to the dr since it could be something more serious. lin, trust me, your lo is teething. Try to feel his gums and see if you can feel the teeth below the skin. Ava is just about to cut her two top teeth and I can see them under the skin! Any baby who is drooling allot, and biting everything is most deff teething. Ava was teething for 2 months before she got her first tooth, but yes she was teething none the less. They all teethe for different time spans before the tooth comes out.


venus_in_scorpio - March 12

dd started teething at 2 months, she is now 4 months and chewing on everything and i can feel the little teeny bumps coming through her gums



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