Teething And Eating

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Amanda N - October 18

My daughter just cut her first tooth almost 2 weeks ago. Well she is acting like she is getting another one, same "signs" as before but now her eating seems to be different. She doesn't want to eat as much as she used to. Could it be related? She acts fine, doesn't have a temp.


MM - October 18

I would say it was because of the teething. How old is she? If you think about it if you have a tooth ache do you really want to eat like you normally did?


Amanda N - October 18

I know but I wanted to ask for others opinions. She is almost 6 months.


Kerry - October 20

Mine girl is 6 months almost 7 she has one tooth and now another is ready to break through her eating changed during that time don't worry I can't wait for my girls 2 tooth to break all the way through It's hard on her during the day she's okay but messed up her sleeping good at night but I think were on the mend she slept right through last night.The change in eating is definatlly related some kids are different than others.There was only a few days or maybe a week between sprouting her first tooth to now getting her second they usually come in soon after eachother, just think now we'll have the top two to contend with soon.


Amanda N - October 20

Kerry...her sleeping has really been messed up as well. She usually sleeps all night no problems and now she wakes up fussy a lot, we give her her pacifier and she is fine..but she never did this before.


MM - October 20

Maybe this tooth is being a lot harder on her to cut. I read my earlier post and I kinda sounded rude sorry about that. I did not mean it that way. My daughter was like this also. It seems every tooth brings on something new with her signs. One think that she loved was cantelope in one of those mesh bag things sold by the pacifiers. I would cut a chunk and put it in the freezer for just a couple of minutes to get it extra cold and she would gnaw on that and it helped her out a lot.


Amanda N - October 20

That is a good idea. I have used cold whole carrots before...she seemed to like those too.


Kerry - October 21

you can buy a teething thing from walmart that vibrates when they bite on it my girl loves it it ma__sages they are about 3 bucks but worth it


Michelle - October 21

Usually once they get a tooth,,,,another one comes right after that. That is my experience. My daughter generally gets two at one time or right after the other one.


soleil - October 21

hey my baby was the same, just lasted like 2 days though she is growing 4 teeths at the top, straight in a row. When they were cutting through her gums she would not eat, was really fussy, Like kerry said that vibrating thing helps, i found it at CVS.



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