Teething At 2 Months

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venus_in_scorpio - January 22

has anyones kid started teething that young? I think mine is! shes inconsolable at times and likes to gum on everything and doesnt want to eat.


Mentally_Irregular - January 22

Yes - babies can start teething as young as a few weeks old... Mine started in at about a month and a 1/2 and then popped his first tooth at three months.


18wbabynov - January 22

wow, ive wanted to ask this for a while... my dd is 9weeks today, and she is really really fussy- way more than usual, not to mention all the gumming and DROOLing! i think it's the start of tooth-hell...


amyh - January 23

My daughter started teething around 4 months old. We always thought "this is it- she isn't eating as much, she is inconsolable, she needs everything in her mouth, etc". This went on for 7 months! And, I am FINALLY pleased to announce that at 11 months and 3 days old, she finally cut a tooth. And, now, I will always know her "TRUE" signs of teething- last Tuesday, she started with a runny nose and a fever (101). She didn't eat very much, but would drink from the bottle. It lasted through Wednesday (daycare called and made us pick her up early, because she wouldn't stop crying all day)....during the night, her fever stopped. We also looked at her gums and you could see the blood vessels very clearly. Everything stopped and then suddenly...Saturday- a tooth was poking through! Hopefully yours goes a little quicker than that. It was exhausting always thinking that this had to be it, the teeth were coming. But now, I clearly see what my daughters "end" teething symptoms really are. It can be a long process that starts early....just warning you :-) I hope it doesn't though....


soon2bemomof3 - January 23

i think my ds is teething too, he's 9 1/2 weeks and drooling and fussy. everyone said i was crazy that they don't teeth that young but i know they can.


srigles - January 23

My ds is 12 weeks old, and goes through phases where he drools, gums and cries uncontrollably for a few days, then he's fine for a few. I guess it's probably the beginning of teething - sounds like it could be a long haul until he actually cuts a tooth....!


vonzo - January 23

my dd had her first tooth poking through at 3 weeks....my poor lil pinky finger felt the brunt of it...OUCH!


mandee25 - January 23

I am starting to wonder if Noah is starting the teething process too and he is only 2 months old! He goes through periods when he acts hungry but turns his head back and forth like he doesn't want the bottle, yet still crying that hungry cry. This happens usually in the middle of a feed. He also drools more and has fussy periods here and there where I don't know what is wrong.


AyameLovesXion - January 23

Yes and it's driving me crazy


Erynn21 - January 23

My dd started teething at 3 months and popped a tooth out at 3.5, we were surprised, but she displayed all the signs, drooling, nursing constantly and then fussing because that hurt her gum, diarreha, she got really fussy the day the tooth popped out but only for a couple hours. She's 4.5months and now has 2 bottom teeth and got them within a week of each other. All babies are different amyh's baby took 7 months mine took 2weeks max. I know a woman who's son started at 1 month and another woman who's son just turned a year and he got his 1st tooth like a week before, babies are all so different.



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