Teething At 3 Months

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Ash - October 15

my son is 3 months old and we think he has a tooth comin down, baby orajel makes him cry even more what to I do!


TC - October 15

Try giving him a cool, not frozen, teething ring. Because he is so young you will need to hold it in his mouth. Talk to your doctor but I know in most cases a little of baby tylenol has helped with the pain. Your baby is going to need lots of attention at this time, so strap on your boots and step. Good luck, I hope those methods help you guys out.


Narcissus - October 15

Orajel also made my son cry like he was dying. It numbs their entire mouth so it is very uncomfortable for them. I will never use it again. I use Infant Tylenol Drops and like TC said, a cooled teething ring. I made the mistake of putting it in the freezer and it hurt his gums. He was hysterical after 5 minutes of sucking on it. Now at 7 months, I give him organic teething biscuits sweetened with unsulphured mola__ses. I have to watch him so closely with that so I prefer to use the teething rings.


Jbear - October 16

My oldest daughter got teeth that early. Our doctor didn't believe it until she actually saw a tooth. In my experience the first tooth was the worst, and after that teething didn't seem to bother her. We had a blanket with textured rubber corners that she chewed on. When she got older, she loved Biter Biscuits, probably more for the mess they made than any teething help.


SHERRY (HELP!) - October 16

my daughter is only 11 weeks, could she be teething already? she started drolling, biting the nipple on the bottle, pa__sing that and my finger from side to side, so i rubbed her gums, and she liked it, and i could sware i felt something under the skin on the front right side. is it possible? she's got some signs, but she is super young, will she finish early if she starts early? might i be wrong? help! thanks


Amanda N - October 16

My daughter started teething at about 3 months. She is almost 6 months now and got her first tooth at 5 months. Teething tablets seemed to work really well for her. And when she seemed in a lot of pain we would give her some infant tylenol.


ash - October 16

My son is only 13 weeks!! so it is possible your 11 week old is teething


krystal - October 16

both of my oldest kids both had two teeth by 3 1/2 months so yes it is possible


krystal - October 16

something to add...my son was born sept 18th and he cut his first tooth on christmas eve and the second dec 27th.


Narcissus - October 16

Aja started teething around 3.5 months. Excessive drooling, crying more than usual, responded well to infant tylenol....


Amanda N - October 16

Yeah I just thought about it and I had my first tooth at 3 months too. I ended up getting all mine quite quickly.


ash - October 16

we've been giving him tempra to help calm him down and make the pain go away, its the same as tylenol!


Allison - November 8

My daughter is 14 weeks and she is constantly drooling and putting her fingers in her mouth. She also refuses the bottle these days. Is this normal?


ashley - November 8

shes possibly teething and in to much pain to eat! try the nipple that ma__sages the gume, my son is on them and he loves them!


Allison - November 8

The problem is I normally feed her 6oz but she now only takes 3oz. Will she lose weight if she keeps on like this? Where can I get that nipple from?


Ashley - November 8

depends on how often she eats! i got the nipple from walmart


Allison - November 8

She usually eats every 3 hours. She still eats every 3 hours but just less than what she normally takes.



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