Teething At 3 Months

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Gen - January 14

Our baby cried every waking minute from the time he was born (no joke, no exaggeration!!!) for the first 2 1/2 months. We discovered he had BAD acid reflux and Sick Kids in Toronto put him on Prevacid. He seems to be doing great on it, but has been still fussy/crying/irritable. We chalked it up to "learned behaviour" from his previous condition, but I've had 3 ladies in 2 days look at him and say "oh, poor little guy, he's teething". He has been knawing on everything, especially our knuckles and drooling, but no real sign of teeth coming up on his gums. The ladies swore he was teething, despite my protests that he's only 3 months now. If he was teething, it would totally explain his crankiness and knawing, but I assumed it was way too early! Is this possible? Anyone had this occur so early? Anyone's input would be VERY appreciated. We are drained from the last 2 months of crying!!!


Dawn C - January 14

Hey Gen. I a in the same boat. My li lguy is 3 mths. I swear he is teething. He continuosly knaws on his hands and drools. He isnt very fussy but at times will just let it rip. We are getting over RSV but I still think teething is a big part of our problem. Hang in there


tina - January 14

Yes teething at three months is possible. My little girl got her first tooth at the end of month three.


BBK - January 14

My daughter started teething at 3 months. She was 6 months yesterday but still no teeth!!! The process can be long, but the severity of the annoyance the baby goes through has its ups and downs. It'll get better and worse and better again.


Cora - January 15

Yes it is possible, Gabby is 11 weeks now and has been starting to teeth for the past week. But like BBK said the process can be very long. I just got off the phone with a gf of mine who has 2 children, and she said both of hers started really early like about 3.5 months but one of them didnt get their first tooth until 10 months of age. One of my second cousins just got his first tooth not long ago and he was only 2.5 months old. So it is possible to teeth really early.


amanda.d - January 15

Yes very very possible. Camdyn is three months too and you can see his two little teeth sitting below the gum, the doctor even said that he was teething. And yes it is very possible to teeth for a long time. My guy chews on his hands and nipple on his bottle and is really drooly.


KrYstaL - January 15

all my kids had teeth in their third month too. First tooth right around 3 1/2 months. cagney got his first tooth on janury 4th and he turned four months on january 9th. When my two year old was little he turned three motnhs on dec 18 and got his first tooth on christmas eve.


newmom - January 15

My son started teething at 2m although he wasn't that fussy but one day when he suddenly bite my finger and there it was a tooth ..


jg - January 15

It can happen at three months. We thought our baby was teething at that age as he was dribbling heaps and heaps and chewing on everything, but he didn't get teeth until just after six months. We tried bonjela at three months if he was cranky and it did nothing, so we a__sumed the crankiness was for other reasons (so many possibilities there!). I found out that at three months the baby has most sensation in their mouth, which is why everything gets put in there, and hence the dribbling because they are using their mouth so much.



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