Teething At 8 Weeks

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Tia - December 12

Just wondering when the earliest a baby can start teething? My baby is only 8 weeks but for about 2 days she didn't nap during the day (between about noon and 2 am), was really cranky, and had pink cheecks. For about a week now she's been drooling also. I didn't think much of it but my mom said that was sure signs of teething. She's been somewhat OK today, still a bit cranky, but has napped for about an hour or so, so far. But she is awake longer than usual. I checked her mouth and didn't see any teeth yet, but maybe they just didn't break through yet. Any ideas or suggestions would help ... thanks!! =)


Shelly - December 12

At 8 weeks I would say she is having a growt spurt.Jesse was like that at that age and now that he is 18 weeks I know every so many weeks they get a growt spurt and they are cranky for a little while.He has been drooling for several weeks but 2 pediatricians looked at him and there are still no signs of teething.She will be better when you least expect it.He was like that last week,it lasted 4 days and since then he has been the most easy,adorable baby.,back to his usual self.


jorden - December 13

my son strarted teething at like 6 weeks. My doc told me that babies can start the actual teething process 3 months b4 the teeth come in. He was drooling and his fingers were constantly in his mouth. He got his first tooth when he was almost 4 months and now has 7 teeth an is almost 6 months...so she might be teething :)


chel - December 15

My baby just turned 8 weeks and has been drooling and cranky for about a week. I can also feel the lumps on her upper gums. My oldest child had her first tooth by the time she was 4 months old. She also started loosing her baby teeth earlier.


Dawn C - December 16

I wish I knew. My lil guy is 9wks tom. Since last night he has been fine one minute and fussy the next. I wish I knew if he was teething. He is not running a temp but he drews and b__ws bubbles alot. He naws on his little hand and he constantly acts hungry but is not when I feed him he only feeds 5 min. I guess he could be teething



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