Teething How Long Did It Last For Your Baby

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amyh - June 8

I am pretty sure that my daughter has started teething. She is only 16 weeks, but I also got my first teeth in the 5th month. She eats alot less, is grumpy, and keeps us up ALL night. If we put a finger in her mouth, she chomps down and instantly stops crying...and it's a little sharp on her gums. I am curious how long teething lasts on average. And, how long did you wait to give some pain medication? I don't know if I should give something to her or see if this process goes quickly...


JAI - June 8

My little guy teethed from 3 months and finally when he was 6 months he got 2 teeth at once. It sounds like your little girl is teething. I bought some teething toys and there were a couple that would go in the freezer first, he seemed to really love those ones. I was told not to get the numbing oragel so I never tried it. Some people said it numbs their mouths too much, but I am not sure. Good Luck!


Kay - June 8

It lasts for awhile depends how many teeth are coming through. My daughter started teething at 2 months and at 8 months is pushing out her 7th tooth. It can last ahwile , while baby ibrofen (sp) works great , if bonjela doesnt seem to calm her down then ibrofen would be the next stage. Its always worked for me :) Good Luck


amyh - June 8

There is no way that I can deal with the lack of sleep for months at a time! She also is running a low grade fever and I her gums are white in the front. I got some homeopathic gel to try on her gums today and was told to hold off on the pain killers until we see what happens. I really hope it doesn't last months. I need to sleep....


Bree - June 8

Can you get your spouse/partner to take a shift? I know how taxing it is. My son is 5 months and I'm about to go nuts myself. He's so grumpy and now he's back to being up 3-4 times a night sometimes. Hopefully they come in soon for these poor babies and our sake!



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