Teething Nightmare Make It End

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Heather F - June 30

I can see my baby's first two teeth coming in on the botttom, my question is how long does it take for them to break through and for her to feel better. She has been wailing all day, she wont eat good and despite oragel and tylonal she is still in pain. I cant wait for them to come through and for her to be back to her happy self. Experienced moms, do you think by tomorrow they will have broken through the gum and she'll be better? Like I said I can see them under the gum they just arnt through yet.


kvilendrer - June 30

my son's teeth stayed under the gums for a week or so...i could see them there,but they just weren't breaking through. Hang in there! It won't be long now!! This might not help much...but have you tried a frozen teething ring?


Heather F - June 30

I have but she just screams with it in her mouth, =-(


Aussie Beck - June 30

Hi Heather. My dd's first tooth also took about a week or so to pop through after I could see it in the gum. I too had one REALLY bad day with her where she just cried all day long, then a week later it popped through overnight. She has her second bottom tooth about to come through any day, but she hasn't been anywhere near as fussy as with the first. In fact her mood improvement is amazing, she hasn't been this happy since she first started teething. Don't worry, your LO toothipegs will be here soon! It felt like an eternity waiting for Shelby's to finally show - she teethed for 3 months. I also found that the teething rings are very good, except that they get warm too quickly!!! How old is your bub? Shelby is 6 months.


Heather F - June 30

Aussie - she is only 3 1/2 months!(teething vey early if you ask me!) I agree the teething rings do get warm to quickly!


hrsmith - June 30

my son started teething around 4 months but his first tooth didn't pop up until 6 months. his second tooth just came in. he is now 8 months. I noticed that he had the most pain when I couldn't really see anything. sort of what you are experiencing right now. My son was in pain for a few days but then once the tooth actually broke the skin, he was fine. I think what might happen is she wil simmer down here in a couple days and the pain will be completely gone. count yourself lucky if both of her teeth come in at the same time. My son had more pain with the second one.


grandma - June 30

Ahh...poor little girl. Keep up the tylonal, popcicles, baby cookies, cold fruit, and patience. As an experience mom and dental a__sistant I can tell you the good news. There are 20 of the little buggers to pop through!! On average most children have an erupted tooth in a week or so. Funny, my daughter's giving tylonal to her 6 1/2 month old as we speek. Our little one has been letting out the sadest crys and whimpers all evening.


Heather F - July 1

She has been alot better today, one of them broke the skin already and the other looks like it will any minute....I cant wait for her to be all back to normal! At least today she is eating well though, yesterday she hardly ate...I was worried! I wish I could take the pain for her!


Rabbits07 - July 1

My babies always liked chewing on a clean, wet washcloth that has been in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Different babies are different though....some don't like the cold at all.


Heather F - July 1

Rabbitts - she actually prefered the washcloth to the teething rings I bought her, lol. I geuss I should have saved my money and used the wash cloth to begin with!


mama3 - July 1

I feel your pain. My newborn 7weeks has been acting like she is teething too. Sloobers alot, won't eat more than 2 oz, and crys alot. I have been giving her very very little oral gel, and tylenol. Tonight when I went to put the oral gell on her gum I felt a sharp bump on her upper gum. I had my mom check her and she has a tooth coming in. I didn't think they could get then that early. I can't do for her like I did my other two. Cause she is so young. I use to give them foods like cheeses. The chewing made them feel better. I Gave then Tylenol before they ate and oral gel about 30 mins before bed. Crunchy foods seemed to help the tooth cut through easier. Yeah on the washcloth working. I don't know if this one will take one down the road as my other 2 wouldn't. As Rabbit07 said some kids don't like cold things. Thats my girls in and out, lol. I hope she gets her teeth quickly for yours and her sake. Best wishes.


Heather F - July 2

mama, that stinks! Teething is so hard, and it seems to take forever (maybe because its painful for her and me!) - be careful with the oragel though, my pedi said that if you do it to much it can be a__sorbed from the gums into the blood supply and cause heart problems so he said to follow the directions and do it no more then like 6 times a day - good luck with your little one.


bbm - July 2

Try frozen french fries. They can chew these until they melt and won't get too hard like some teething rings.


HannahBaby - July 2

lol, this is just the beginning sweetheart. My daughter is 18 months and beginning to cut her 2 year molars...Shes a monster!!


mama3 - July 2

thank you Heather F for your concern. I only use it twice a day. Morning and night. It is also Homeopathic oral gel. It has only natrual herbs in it. She slept from 10:30-6am last night. I guess all that crankyness got her tired, lol.


Heather F - July 2

I wish I knew how long this was going to last! my DD has had a fever all day, low grade, but still a fever. I wish I could grow her teeth in for her, poor thing! Mama - what is your teething gel called? Sounds better then the average oragel.


mama3 - July 2

Its called Hyland's Homeopathic Theething Gel You can get in a herbal store. Or anywhere they sell natrual meds. I also have a kit for when they get a bit older. There desolable tablets. They work along with todays meds. They have them for fevers, colds, coughs, teething and eritability. This gel doesn't have a limit of how much you can use cause its all natural. But like any medicane use only as needed. Best of lick to you. Hope you lo calms down soon.



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