Teething Question Please Help

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flower.momma - March 7

So, for those of you who have not been following my posts about weird bump in my son's mouth, here's a summary. He was having teething symptoms and I noticed a large, hard, white bump in the back of his mouth. Like where a molar would be. I made a dentist appt. and lo and behold, right before I took him in, the bump disapeared. Dentist thinks I'm crazy! Then, 4 days later I noticed a large bump on his gum under his tongue, still having teething symptoms. I made another appt. Then this bump disapeared, so I cancelled the appt. Well, it didn't disapear all the way, and seems to be slowly making it's way up toward the ridge of his gum, where a canine tooth would be. BUT it is still not on the ridge of his gum, where a tooth should be coming in. It is getting a white dot on top, like a tooth does right before it erupts. I am almost positive it is a tooth. He is MISERABLE. He just wants to sleep, and when he's awake he screams, gnaws on anything he can bring to his mouth (it is hard because he doesn't quite have that movement down yet, he just turned 3 months old). He looks at me like "mom, help!" He tries to be happy, but then just gets a quivery lip and burst into tears. I am using orajel and infant tylenol. Practically the only time he didn't cry today was when he was asleep, a short time snuggling me, when I gave him a nakey massage, and gave him 2 baths. It just doesn't seem right. My dd never had this much pain, and I know she has a high pain tolerance, but my poor boy is just in agony. Plus, it just doesn't seem to be in the right spot. I am at a loss and tired of dentists telling me that they have "no way of knowing what is going on". Should I just wait until it comes in. I have tried teething rings, which just p___s him off, a cold washcloth, frozen binkies. EVERYTHING. He also has been having a very slight temp at night.


3babies - March 8

Any chance he has an ear infection? Pretty hard to spot those sometimes. Cant offer much else in the way of suggestions other than I would consult your paed over a dentist if the lump/lumps persist with the behaviour changes. They would see way more teething babies than a dentist. GL


ry - March 8

Oh my goodness, the poor thing. I was thinking maybe it could be an ear infection as well. Have you tried teething tablets? I would prob take him to the ped to be sure its not some sort of infection. Good luck, keep us updated!


kris313 - March 8

My dd is inconsolable too. Tylenol and orajel don't do a thing. She doesn't want anything cold in her mouth or any of the traditional teething toys, but we noticed a couple of days ago that hard stuff works. I'm sure I'll get comments about this, but she's been gnawing on a milkbone. They don't get soggy like the teething biscuits and she can't break any pieces off. The ped said its completely safe as far as ingredients (evidently I'm not the first person to ask her about it!). I'll be honest, when ya get to this point anything is worth a shot!


torbman - March 8

Orajel never worked for my guy either. Have you tried gripewater? It sure seems to work for ds and calms him within a few mintues. Its worth a try.



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