Teething Terror Please Help

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CherishCayleigh - July 19

My daughter has recently started teething.... I dont know what to do for her.... I tried the baby orajel on her, which seemed to help... although only for a short time. I also tried a small amount myself (i like to know what i am giving her) and as expected my tongue froze (thats where i put it) but after about 1 min i felt my throat freezing as well. Which was unsettling to me. Another thing i have heard ppl raving about was "Camilia" which is a homeopathic teething medication... I have never tried anything homeopathic, even on myself.... has anyone else used Camilia, or something similar?????? I dont want to try it without knowing more about it...


Michelle - August 5

Give her infants motrin. Its not going to cause any harm. It will get rid of the pain of those teeth cutting in.


E - August 5

Hmmm. Your orajel test got me thinking. This may explain why Aja freaked out when I applied it to his gums. Poor guy. He was so upset by it, twice. I have no solutions, sorry.


N - August 5

My doc told us not to use orajel or anything numbing on infants under 6 months. It's too easy to get it everywhere in their mouth and they are at risk of swollowing their tounge. If they already have a few teeth, they could bite their tounge or cheek. I used a half dose of infants tylonol, worked great. He loved chewing on cold wet wash clothes too.


Lisa*9 - August 5

I used teething tablets from the health food store. Was too afraid to try the other item they recommended. Didn't know if it would work. The tt you place one or two in their mouth. If they are not cranky any more you know ir is working. The next time you try it might not work due to weight so you have to increase the dosage tablets. Don't succeed more then 6 in one sitting. When I know my child could chew food.I would give 1/2 a tablet of children's chewable tynelol(sp) until they will be a year old then I tablet after that. At about 18 months I would increse the doze to 1 1/2 tablets. By the time they were two thet were on there regular dose. I personally believe if you have a headache you would take tynolel well a baby can't fend for themselves so we as parents have to do it for them. I had no problem with teething and pain in any of my two kids.. Hope this info hepls.


baby.ksh49.com - August 5

i agree with all the above posts --- no orajel and use motrin (or baby tylenol) for the pain and fever. My tip comes from the show Roseanne --- saw it on there, tried it and it worked pretty good. Frozen waffles !! Freeze them but let them thaw a little before giving to baby. Shouldn't be frozen solid, but also not totally thawed or they'll just eat it rather than chew like a teething ring. The cold feels good PLUS it's got the little holes to catch the drool. I also thought the water filled teething rings worked good. Watch which kind you buy. Some have chemical in them rather than SAFE liquid.



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