Teething Two Months Old

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Skyfeather - June 10

The past few days my daughter has been "drooling" not excessivly but very noticeable. She has also been cranky. Yesterday she had such a horriable crying fit and nothing would quiet her down. Not even a bottle. It went on all day long. She had been fed, diaper changed, birped and in a good room temp. NOthing made her happy. We noticed that she would bite her paci but when someone offered a reason and said teething I went into shock. Yes I know babies can start at two months old and there have been cases of babies born with a tooth or two but my baby is a premie so I was expecting her to do soem things later then normal. I am setting up a DR's appt for her to check this out but my doc said it was very possiable. I am worried. My mother got her teeth very early also but had some kind of problem and lost her adult teeth early after they came in after her baby teeth. I talked to a few other people who saidthey got there baby teeth very early and they too have a false tooth here and there.


P - June 10

My daughter started to drool at around two months as well. I also thought she was starting to teethe when I looked it up I read that babies start to drool and chew things at that age. My dd didn't get fussy or cranky though. I was really worried because I b___stfeed and the thought or her chewing on my bb's wasn't pleasant! lol


Skyfeather - June 11

lol- Thats why I couldnt imagine b___stfeeding after they got teeth. I would worry about a nip lol. Kaylee has just been so fussy and Im pretty sure its not gas.


Jbear - June 12

My daughter got teeth at three months. She was a preemie, too.


lilmum - June 14

my son got his first two teeth just before he was 4 months. We didn't even know he was teething as most babies that age drool. Also, i don't want to alarm you, but colic does start around the second month and may be causing the fussiness. There isn't a whole lot you can do for teething, and i could very well be months before the teeth come in, they like to go up and down sometimes. I wouldn't worry about her teeth growing in wrong. My son got most of his teeth before his first birthday, molars and all, and they are VERY straight. My mother says i got my first teeth at about 2 1/2 months, and i had no problems whatsoever, and also have VERY straight teeth. Just let nature take it's course and don't even worry about her teeth until she has lost all her baby teeth. Babies that get teeth early tend to lose them early too.. so by age 9 or 10 is when the adult teeth have all grown in, you can a__sess any problems. Don't let any dentist give your child braces before they have all their adult teeth!!! I had a gap between my two front teeth for years as a child, and once i got my adult teeth and adult molars, everything straightened itself out.


Commenting - June 15

There is something in water!



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