Tell Me About Your 3 Month Old

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Angela in California - May 11

For those of you whose babies are 3-4 months, I'd love to hear from you about how things are going and what you are experiencing. I'm having so much fun with my baby boy and I'm just curious to know what others are experiencing. If you br___tfeed - how's that going? Were you able to keep it up if you returned to work full time? If bottle feeding, how do you know when to increase the amount of formula you're giving? I have to put him in daycare in 2 weeks when I return to work and I'm freaking about that as well. Anyone else go through that? What kind of toys does your baby like at this age and what does he/she usually do in a typical day? Do any of you have problems with torticollis or a flat spot on the back of the head? (my ds has this and I think i'm going to need to get him into phsycial therapy because it's not getting better).


meagan1227 - May 11

my son is 4 months and 2 weeks and he has that torticollis, his pedidritican showed me some exercises todo with his head, because of the tightening in his muscles on one side of his neck, and he is going to have to wear a helmet because his head is flat in the back, heres a link if u want to check it out


YC - May 11

Hello. I'm in CA too. My dd is 4 months (5 months next week). She has a small flat spot but the dr. said not to worry about it and to try to keep her off of it. We try by using a wedge at night for her to sleep in but she manages to wiggle herself back to that spot. I am not to worried but I am keeping an eye on it. Her favorit toy right now is her exersaucer. I bout the Evenflo Mega Circus. I love it to because it entertains her and I am able to get things done like cook dinner. She is just now starting to like tummy time but we have had her on her tummy since she was about 4 weeks old. She can puch up and as of the last two days has been getting up into the crawling position but tires pretty quickly and plos down. She scoots but only bakwards. She is also really enjoying sitting. She can sit una__sisted for a little while but get tired. We have to keep pillows behind her. She will start solids this week or next week. I put her in daycare at 12 weeks. She does great there. I guess it's not really daycare anymore since all the other kids have gone to preschool so she is the only one there. I could go on and on but I guess that enough. LOL!


Bonnie - May 11

Mason will b e 4 months next week. We have actually started him on solids as he is a very large baby. 16+ pounds, but very long too. He was eating 32 ounces of formula (where I cut him off) and still very hungry so we tried solids and he has taken to it well. As for toys, mostly rattles and 2 play mats. He also has his bouncy and swing. He's generally a high-maintenece baby though and gets bored very easily so I have to keep him on the move a lot to entertain him, lol.


Shea - May 11

Braden will be 4 months next week also, and he just started rolling back to front and back again. He also loves his exersaucer. We have been giving him solids for about a week, but he mostly spits it back out again. He is always trying to put everything in his mouth and drooling, but no signs of teeth yet. He does have a flat spot on the back of his head, but my ped is not worried about it, and he does not seem to have any muscle tightening. He is really all over the place in his crib and pack n'play - scooting backwards all over the place, so we can't use the wedge or even his sleep positioner anymore. My husband is a sahd so no daycare - but frustrating b/c he does things his way! Braden also loves mirrors - we play with him on our bed alot and he is always looking over to the dresser mirror - also the bathroom mirror and his crib mirror. About the bf - I did continue when I went back to work, pumping at work, but I had a low supply from the beginning and basically gave up when I was getting less than an ounce. We give him about 36 oz a day of formula, (6 oz at 6,9,12,3,6,9) but he has been only in the 5th percentile at previous visits, so I didn't really think that was a lot.


Bonnie - May 11

Can they be in an exersaucer when they can't sit up alone yet but can hold up their head?


YC - May 11

Shea I love the name Braden!!! Bonnie the box says 4 months but Mason is the size of a 4 month old so I think it could work. They do not have to be able to sit but they do need to be able to hold their head up on their own. I put Kai in hers and then put a rolled up blanket around her mid-section to keep her from wobbling to much.


cae - May 11

Hi, My son is 3 1/2 months. He has been on formula since 2months. He eats around 32oz/day. He is a big baby. At his 2month checkup he weighed 14 lbs and 4 oz. He probably weighs over 20lbs now. He loves toys! He can entertain himself for over and hour. He plays with rattles, playmats, bouncy seat, and I just now started to put him in his jumper. He likes his Jumper, but I usually tuck 2 recieving blankets around him, so that he is not slouching over to the side. He sleeps anywhere from 8-11 hours a night, but does get up once, around 2-3am for a feeding. I have not noticed any flat areas on his head, I lay him on his back, with his head slightly tilted to the side when he sleeping. I probably will start solids in about 2 weeks. He is still drooling quite a bit, so I dont think he is ready yet. I had plan to go back to work when he turned 3 months, but I changed my mind and quit my job. lol. I love being home with my little one. Not sure when I will go back. Good think DH is not rushing me back. He says whenever. Im so grateful for that. I could go on and on, but I wont. Have fun with your little ones all. They are growing so fast.


Bonnie - May 12

YC, HAH....size of a 4 month old? Pffftt....Mason is in 9 month old clothes! rofl I have to support him when he sits, he can't do it on his own yet. But he has no problems holding up his head at all.


olivesmom - May 12

Hello All! My dd Olive Marie is 4 1/2 months old. She can roll both ways---but mostly loves to roll from her back to belly. She scoots herself all over the place....especially in her crib at night. She sleeps anywhere from 9-12 hours with one time up for a quick feeding. Right now she absolutely loves her Jumpy chair by Graco (the cheap one). She will jump and giggle in it for quite a while. I highly recommend it. I do have an exersaucer, but she is bored in it. I want to buy the Evenflo $99 one with the bar that goes overhead---does anyone have that one and if so, is it worth the money? At Olive's 4 month appt. her ped. said that her head looked great after telling me it was a bit flat at her 2 month. I am a teacher and was going to go back for the rest of the year on April 3rd, but decided to take the rest of the year off. So, I will be going back in the Fall when Olive is 8 months. THe time goes way too fast---I want to stay home and enjoy as much as I can.


CarolA - May 13

Kaiden Rene is 3 months, I both b___stfeed and use formula, the boy can eat! We give him rice cereal at night to keep his belly full and this has been working. for the past couple of nights he sleeps in his crib (thats new) from about 10 untill 5 then wants some milk, then back to sleep untill about 8 when he gets up for the day. He's smiling, and talking to us, he loves to b__w spit bubbles, but he doesn't really play with any toys. He likes his swing, but we haven't tried a bouncer or exersaucer. He isn't sitting up, or rolling over, although he tries to roll. He hates to be on his back, so we let him sleep on his belly. (shame on us) but thats the only way he'll sleep.


lrodriguez83 - May 16

Hey CarolA. My little boy's name is Rene. I saw your little boys's middle name is Rene. But my son is not 3 months old just yet. He is 10 weeks now. But he is doing a lot of the things I am reading that a 3 month old is doing. He is on formula (soy) and he weighed 12 lb 14 oz and was 23 inches at his 2 month check up. He laughs and smiles all the time. He is such a happy baby. He has started also just this last week sucking on his hands. It is so funny. He also is starting to hold his head up really well and look around and has started to reach for toys and bat at little toys on his car seat. He loves his swing and also loves laying in his crib and looking at his mobile. He will do that for 45min to an hour. He is eating about 6 oz at each feeding and he sleeps through the night going to bed about 10 and getting up between 5-6. He is a great baby.


austinsmom - May 16

My little austin nathaniel is 4 months and 2 weeks and an absolute joy!!! He eats 6 oz at a time and about 28 oz a day...he weighed 13 and a half at his 4 month checkup and so has doubled his birth weight......he is a very stong little man he sits in his excersaucer and will play for a little while but he REALLY loves his swing and bouncer!!!! I had never seen him laugh while playing untill I put him in the bouncer and it is so sweet to watch him play and laugh.......the swing is great but it will usually just put him to sleep after a while (so he likes it but doesnt giggle and laugh when put in it) his great memaw got a what I call a glow worm for him when she went on a is a little worm that you pull and it plays a little tune and the wings are crinkly and inside wings are a red light that flashes when music that toy he absolutely loves!!!!! He likes to chew on everything and anything you give him he takes straight to the mouth.....he like to roll over to his belly when placed on his back and he has the positioning for crawling but he cannot seem yet to rise up on front and back at the same it is so cute to see him try......I have a fisher price aquarium that attaches to the crib and he really likes that as well since it lights up, plays music, has bubbles, and the little charaters inside go around and around......this toy really helps with getting him to go back to sleep when we get up around 4:30 in the morning for early helps get him back to sleep so him and mommy can get a little more rest .....I am a working mom...I had to go back to work after he was 3 months old and practically cried everyday for the first week cause I missed him so much.....but things are better now and I just really look forward to getting off work at the end of the day and going home to him and asked about how do you know when to increase formula.......well if you have gave him bottle and he has eaten and the bottle is empty and you take it away if your lo starts crying and still acts hungry then make an additional 2 oz and see if he wants it ........if this happens almost everytime you feed then you know it is time to for example move up formula from 4oz to 6oz......gosh I know this is long but hey I am (just like we all are) a proud momma!!!!! lol


Sam - May 16

Callan is 3/12 months. She is getting ready to roll from back to front (she gets onto her side, but isn't quite able to go all the way yet). I went back to work at 12 weeks (I was miserable about it) and we've been doing fine with b-feeding. I pump three times a day, and have more milk than she eats. I'm able to bank some a couple times a week, and always have fresh bottles in the frig if a babysitter comes or my DH wants to feed her. She is sleeping like crazy! I've been putting her to bed at 6:30 or 7, and she doesn't get up for the day until 6 or 7. She gets up a time or two to eat, but goes right back to sleep. Her napping hasn't been that great, though, so maybe that's why she sleeps so much at night. Her favorite toy is this Lamaze "flutterbug" that vibrates when you pull it. She also loves musical stuffed animals, including a dragon fly with flashing red lights. She loves her mobile and will tolerate the exer-saucer for 15 minutes max (we also put a toy or soft book into between so she doesn't flop). She is easily bored and needs to constantly be moved around. I call it "the circuit." She talks a lot, loves when I sing to her, and kicks like a mad-baby when we change her. She is the cutest ever.



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