Tell Me About Your 4 1 2 Month Old

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Heather F - May 15

I am making the decison today as to whether or not I should travel with my baby when she is 4 1/2 months old and I was wondering what she will be like then. Are your 4 1/2 month olds rolling? sitting up? If any of you are br___t feeding are you also giving the baby rice cereal yet? Thanks everyone who responds!


YC - May 15

My dd will be 5 months in two days. She is sitting una__sisted for a hort time. She does rollover both back to tummy and tummy to back. She will start rice cereal this week. How far are you traveling? We took our first road trip two weeks ago. It was just her and I since daddy had surgery and could not travel. I was nervous about the 3 hour ride because she hates her carseat but fortunately she slept almost the entire way.


Heather F - May 15

Wow, sounds like your baby is doing well for just barely 5 months - a 3 hour car ride is alot, congrats on it working out! We will be going from FL to NY - by plane.


ElizabethL. - May 15

I have taken my daughter who is going to be five months on the 18th on two five hour trips. the first was in April when she was at 3 and a half months and then again two weeks later, foe Easter. She did really well, but I did make a few stops to diaper and feed her. I am brastfeeding so the firsat trip I make alone I only stopped once to nurse her and it really was o.k.. She is rolling over and sitting up on her own, we tried rice cereal mixed with b___st milk yesterday and I think we are not quite ready for it, as she would not swallow any of it, we will try again in a few weeks. Good luck and remewmber to just take the travelling easy, you will get there when you get there!


Cora - May 15

Our daughter is now 6.5 months old and she has been on 4 road trips that were 16 hrs in length each way. Her first one being at 2 weeks of age. She is very easy to travel with, and loves her car seat. She has also flown once so far, at the age of 5 weeks, and will be flying for the second time this weekend. A 6 hr flight in total with lay overs. The only time she is truly happy and not cranky is when we're out and about and on the move.


TinaMarie - May 16

My daughter is 6 months and we have traveled with her since she was 1 month old. I live in NH and my family is in PA. We took the 600 mile trip 3 times with her in the last 6 months. She did just fine. When she got fussy this last time we pulled over and rather than grabbing take out we went to a diner and ate there and let her stretch out, get out of her car seat and play a bit. I will say it messes up her sleep habits for a few days, but other than that she does great!


ambertane - May 17

my baby rolls over, she only can sit up against things like a boppy, couch or wutever, she also said mom once aww so cute b4 mothers day, she just starting eating rice cearl she loves it, i only give it to her once a day, i am formula feeding she is a very good baby i love her to death!!


Dana - May 17

My dd is 4mo, 1 wk. She is almost rolling over, she gets up on one side and then falls back down. She is holding her head up great, looking around, making tons of noise, laughing, sits while a__sisted and sleeping through the night. She has been eating rice cereal for 3 weeks now and doc gave the go head for foods. She has tried carrotts and sweet potatoes. I would say by the time your dd is 4 1/2 months old, you will be good to travel....and so will she!



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