Temperature In Your House

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Brittany - December 9

Hey everyone! With the cold weather coming around, our house has been kind of drafty. I keep the thermostat at 69, sometimes 70, at night and 68 in the day. We have a small apartment but our windows seem to leak cool air. Anyways, I was wondering what everyone keeps their thermostats at because if I keep mine lower than 69, my 14 month old son wakes up. I put him in a onsie, thermal onsie, sweatpants, and sleeper at night! I know thats a lot but he kicks his little blankets off. Is this temperature too low or too high? Interesting question I know haha.


Shannon - December 9

we keep our temp at 70 all the time. i dress my girl in a onsie and a sleeper like all the time and put a blanket on her when she's sleeping. our windows leak too, esp in the bedroom. she co-sleeps with us though so once we're all in the room our combined body heat seems to warm the place right up. you could always tape garbage bags on your windows. i'm sure there's some more expesive, less ghetto stuff that will help with leaky windows but i'm not sure what. my dh just said he was thinking about using caulk around them and i just read some stuff about weatherstripping, i'd check out Loewes or Home Depot or whatever u have in your area.


Beccah - December 9

I like heat and I keep mine between 72 and 75. Can't wait for that gas bill to come. :-) Have you tried installing curtains? It should help with leaky windows.


Heidi - December 9

Ours is set at 68 but it's a brand new house so it stays pretty warm. Sometime at night her hands are cold but I put her in bed with me when I nurse her and warm her up and usually keep her in there with me and use the excuse she was cold. She kicks her blankies off too a lot. During the day I put her in onsies with a long sleeved undershirt and at night I usually put her to bed in what she had on or I put her in a sack sleeper with the little mittens that are built in to keep her hands warm and socks ALL the time but she sometimes kicks them off in her sack sleeper and I wake up and find her sack up around her knees and her legs are cold so I prefer the onsies for all day and night wearing and just change them in the morning.


kate - December 9

we keep our house at 66/67. at night down to 64!!! we all share a room at the moment - our daughter is in her toddler bed and we're in the big bed, but it stays pretty cozy once we're under the wool comforter and she's in her bed. she wears socks, a footy pajama fleecey sleeper and we cover her up with a fleece blanket and then her regular cotton blanket. she's always quite warm in the mornings. about the leaky windows, when i was growing up in iowa we had drafts too, and dad would use that plastic shrink stuff on them. you put it around the inside of the windows like cling wrap then hairdry it to make it taught. that way you can still see outside and it doesn't look ghetto. and it worked great. if i can find what it's called, i'll pa__s that info along.


kate - December 9

okay, it's similar (or perhaps it was) 3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit. Cool stuff. kept drafts out, was clear and tight like another pane of gla__s, and was easy to install and remove.


Brittany - December 9

Thanks for all your advice!! I'll definitely try some of your ideas, stay warm everyone!!


Jbear - December 10

I have leaky windows too. I have two huge garden windows that are more like having a screen than gla__s, from the amount of air they let in or out. In the summers my electric bill is about $300 each month, just keeping the place at 78. The last few winters it hasn't been that cold, but this year we've already had more cold days than we have all winter, sometimes. I found something that helps with the windows. I got vinyl, fabric-backed tableclothes ($2.50 each at walmart) and thumbtacked them over the windows, on top of the blinds but under the curtains so you can't see them from inside or out. It's a lot less drafty now. I think it might even help with the ac bill in the summer. I still have a bathroom that can't be heated or cooled...right now it's 48 in there and we have to keep the door closed so that the whole place doesn't get cold. I hate apartments sometimes, they seem to be made out of cardboard and tape.


Mama2wanna - December 10

68 is the perfect temperature as it is warm but does not make bacteria grow like crazy. Any more than that and you are risking all manner of yucky like pnumonia. I kid you not, straight from my pediatrician!!! Oh, and a blanket sleeper is usually sufficient covering for little ones at night. My son only uses blankets if he's in light pajamas. You can leave the onsie off. Also, overheating is now the suspected cause of SIDS so if anyone is telling you that they cannot regulate their own temp that isn't true. Too much is not good. Another you might try is a onsie and a sleep-sack. The micro-fleece are good. These are the ones that have a solid bottom and zip up.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 10

I keep mine at 68 but around65 or 66 at night. We co sleep, so we stay plenty warm. Heating bills are just going to be too high. All of my chunkeroos rolls seem to keep him warm LOL!


Stevens Mom - December 10

We live in Maine so it's very cold these days! During the day we keep it at 72,nightime 70!


Narcissus - December 10

Darn I have been cold lately. House is at 73 during the day and 72 at night. Aja's room is drafty and his little hands are cold in the mornings. I dress him in thick sweats at night, so I don't have to worry about his covers coming off.


lisa - December 10

its recomended to keep the room around 68-70 for baby not too hot, better to cold, they will wake if too cold, but becoe drousy if too hot



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