Tempertantrums HELP

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Charlibabe - May 6

My daughter is only 10 months old barely...and she throws the most horrible tantrums. I do not know what to do about it. She will throw her self backward to the ground and kick her feet and scream if you do something she doesn't like or you tell her no. I wiped her face and she started throwing a tantrum. I know I didn't hurt her, she just doesn't like having her face wiped. I am tired of hearing her scream, I just need some help, maybe you guys could give me some pointers or something. This is my first child, and I am a single mother, really. I just thought she was to young to be throwing tantrums like she is.......


DDT - May 6

At that age the only thing you can really do is try to distract them or just let them be. Let the tantrum run its course and don't give them a reaction to feed off of. That's what I would do with ds2 and have done with my ds1 (now 26 months old). Ds2 (11 months old) hasn't started tantrums yet but is starting to voice his dislikes more often. He does the rigid body and face down on the ground squirm. This started about a week ago. I just let him do it, but am there when he wants a cuddle after.


jenna32 - May 6

I've learned that you have to ignore them as well and try not to react to it,or distract them as ddt just said. It is hard,especially at first. Be prepared for them to get worse before getting better. I think dd is going through her terrible 2s early, atleast my mom says so. She's 17 months.


stefkay - May 7

I recently read that at 10 to 11 months babies start voicing their displeasure in whatever way it is. Mine makes funny faces and hollers a lot. I'll take the advice on ignoring when she starts the tantrums. I know it's coming at some point, lol.


Sprinkles - May 7

I agree I think that is the best advice some people get angry with the child and yell at them or raise their voices back to them and I think that is teaching them 'this is how we communicate' .. My daughter is now 11 months old and she b___s her fists up and screams at me when I take like my cell phone from her or won't let her touch my keyboard .. I just look at her and say no if need be or ignore her completely ..the other day in the store she was in the front of the cart in the seat and wanted me to pick her up out of it she reached for me and I said noo not now hunny and went to grab something off a shelf when she seen I wasnt reaching for her she started crying so I would not look at her til she stopped then I looked at her and spoke to her again really softly about whatever else like nothing happened haha she just stopped then .. I think its all about getting a rise out of you.


Sprinkles - May 7

Ok so I don't know if it was clear what I was saying haha after I re read it - I think ignoring the tantrum is the best Idea lol .. sorry if that was unclear I type like I talk sometimes..


Charlibabe - May 7

Thank you All! This is what I started doing, ignoring her lil tantrums. I dont know if it is helping...but its worth a try, Brooklynn is a stubborn lil kid. Even when I ignore her she just keeps goin for hours. I dont know if its right, or not...but when she starts doing this...keeps going on and on I put her in her Play Pen. If I do that she stops crying after like 10 mins and I hold her afterward.. I do not yell at her though.



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