Terrified Of A Bath

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mizliz - March 29

My baby is three weeks and he HATES taking a bath. I cant get him to stop crying and screaming, and he throws all his limbs up and looks terrified. I know its pretty normal for a baby this young to not like a bath but what can I do to help him get used to it?


jessb - March 29

The books I have read say to remain calm and talk to your baby in a soothing voice. Im sure you do that already but Im not sure what else you can do. Maybe just do them with a very little bit of water so its just more like a sponge bath. And when he gets a little older you can try to put in some interesting toys to distract him. Im sure he will grow out of it.


Jadyns Mommy - March 29

Hi Mizliz. You can try placing a washcloth dunked in the warm water over his chest. It helps them to feel not so exposed. Just keep redunking it and placing it back on his chest throughout the bath. It worked wonders for my daughter so I hope it works for you.


pbj - March 29

I used to sing and continue to talk to my dd throughout the bath.I chickened out on giving her a regular bath until she was 1 1/2 mths and just gave her a sponge bath on her changing table. Then by the time she was a little older she didn't scream as bad, now she's 4 1/2 mths and loves baths...I get in with her sometimes and she's amazed at the way water splashes. Good luck...I know it's hard that young.


TinaMarie - March 29

It took my baby about 1 1/2 month to 2 months to really like the bath. Now she loves it (4.5 months) and splashes everywhere!


TRP - March 29

My dd HATED baths! I have a funny pic of her beet red while in the bath! Well, it wasn't funny at the time she was screaming, but now to look back on it, it makes me laugh! Haylee started liking baths I'd say at about 2 months. I guess she realized that it actually felt good when she relaxed! The only thing I can recommend is trying to make the bath as fast as possible! I'm sure he'll begin to like them soon! Good luck!


Bonnie - March 29

I use my big tub and I have a pillow thingie I bought from babies r us. Mason has always hated baths but at least with this pillow it was cushior and gave me more room to maneuver. I put a washcloth on his belly and continually pour warm water from the bath onto him with a cup to help keep him warm. Igave him a bath once a week at first as they don't get too dirty in teh beginning. Today was the first day he did not cry and he is 9 weeks. He still did not enjoy it too much, but no tears either. I bath him about every 2-3 days now.


grandma - March 30

It will get better...in the meantime here are a few of my suggestions. Use very warm water. Nobody like sitting in lukewarm/almost cold water. If you have one of the old fasion tubs without the buildin back support, try using a "bath ease". they are the wire forms covered with a removable fabric. Also, if you are comfortable with this idea put more water in the tub. Somebabies don't like being exposed from the bellyb___ton up. I also place a washcloth on the tummy and continure to wet it with my hand. Sing, repeat the abc's, and try any other calming voice words. Wash the face before you put babe in the tub. Be sure the room in nice and warm. My house in an old one and my daughter & I plug in a space heater before we get the bath ready. That way the bathroom is almost tropical. Benifit to this is you can spend more time giving baby a ma__sage with your fav. lotion afterwards and the baby won't be cold. Consider the time of day you bathe baby. If they are too tired it may not be the best time for them. Good luck.:)


fabienne - March 30

mizliz !! Matthew used to HATE bath too and used to cry soo much - poor thing. Until I asked some advice on the forum and someone suggested to put a warm wet washcloth on his tummy while in the bath. It worked like wonders ! He's now 9 months old and LOVES bathtime ! When I run it, you should see him! lol he gets all excited !


Ginny - March 31

The warm wash cloth is a GREAT trick. Also, when the head is wet it loses alot more heat than a dry head, so I save hair washing till last.


mama3 - April 1

Both of my girls were that way about baths. So if you feel comfy enough for a couple months you could try, wraping him up in a baby towel and putting him in the water with you. An at each bath losing the towel alittle. After a few baths completely take the towel away. He'll feel alot better with you and start to enjoy baths. My oldest girl takes 45 mins baths now and has been since she was 2. My youngest baths for about 25 mins. She's almost 2. She cryed more than her older sis. But felt more secure with me. She cryed and fused some when we started bathing together. But after a few baths she started kicking in the water and playing. The nice thing about bathing together if you BF is you can BF in the tub. That also helped my youngest. Now I know some may not agree with me. But My mom did it with me and my nana did it with her 3 boys and 3 girls. Once they feel safe and comfy in the tub then they can bath alone. I think it is safer too. Cause you are holding them in the water. I will bath with my 3rd after her cord comes off. Then when she's older she can join her young older sis. Or bath alone. Which ever she prefers. GL Enjoy this time with your baby. They dont stay tiny for long, lol.


hello - April 1

Lessen the time, throw in some toys, sing to your baby .....



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