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jas - June 28

With all of the bickering on this site I just wanted to share a little something... People are people, we come from different backgrounds and have different opinions. Each of us are born with a brain and the capability of using it. To impose ones opinion on another is to deny them of their own thoughts, their own opinions. Maturity is defined as seeing the line between debate and debacle. This forum and it's bickering makes me think about a job I used to have and my boss. He deals with pettyness and bickering on a daily basis. The above was his philosophy about people. He is a great manager and leader. His daughter was 38 weeks pregnant last week. He was looking forward to becoming a grandfather for the first time. Knowing him as I used to, he would have made one h__l of a grandfather. As you can guess, something went wrong and his daughter through c-section, gave birth to a still born. They buried him yesterday. There were some complications and he almost lost his daughter as well. Thankfully, she pulled though. Not that it will really make a difference in me saying so, but there are more important things in life then fighting with eachother over silliness... The most important things are the babies. Without them we wouldn't be on this forum to begin with. Peace...


mama3 - June 28

So sorry to hear about there lose. An AMEN to your statement. I will admitt I myself have had moments were my opinion has come of as rude. Which can happen, as it is hard to exspress yourself in writing and not to be taken wrong. God Bless...


Narcissus - June 28

"to impose ones opinion on another is to deny them of their own thoughts, their own opinions". -- How so? I disagree with you on that statement but i do agree with other things that you stated however, I need to say that just bc we bicker, it does not mean it is consuming our lives to the point that you need to point it out and tell us to focus on more important things. People need to let off steam (especially moms!) and as long as we can avoid name calling (i have been guilty, I know), debating and some minor bickering is nothing to be ashamed of. We have as much of a right to challenge someones opinion as they have the right to speak it in the first place. People should stop getting bent out of shape over this stuff. The one thing that I think goes overlooked is that we sometimes see a person who appears to be in trouble, emotionally, and contributing to their demise, knowing that when they get off the computer they will need to attend to their child(ren) is irresponsible. We should all remember that kicking someone who is already down is likely to have a negative psychological effect on them, more than the average person here, and knowing that they will be mothering a child feeling worse than they did when they posted, is not the wisest thing to do for the child's sake. I am not sure if I explained myself clearly but hopefully people will get the jist of my final statement.


HannahBaby - June 28

I am extremely greatful for all that god has given me and my family. Theres not a day that goes by that i dont thank him for my beautiful daughter, my husband, and my unborn baby. Bickering and disagreeing is a part of life, and it doesnt mean that we arent thankful for what we have because we bicker. Alot of us all have very different, very strong opinions and thats why we bicker, but we all have one thing in common, we all love our children and are thankful everyday for everything that we have. There is contraversy in everyday life. There always have been and always will be


ash2 - June 29

im so sorry to hear about his loss. it's just another reason to think that anything can happen to us.


nic nac - June 29

I agree with Narcissus and Hannahbaby. We all have a right to state how we feel about topics presented on this forum whether we agree with it or not. Moms especially will exhibit strong opinions because we have an unconditonal love and pa__sion for our children. We aren't less thankful because we bicker and I don't think you need to point out an extremely difficult and emotional situation to bring us back to a "group hug". We are free to express ourselves and although things can get a little out of hand at times, I think we all take breathers and move on. As you can see, most of us bicker on one forum and are offering advice on the next. I personally will bicker but if that same person has a question I will not be so immature as to not help out because I didn't agree with someone. If someone allows an opinion to deny them of their own thoughts then maybe this isn't the right forum for them and I haven't seen that happen yet so I think it is safe to say we are all in the right place.



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