Thanks Everyone

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Narcissus - December 17

I really enjoy this place. It has turned around quite a bit, and become a very friendly and supportive venue for mothers. I have gotten some of my best laughs here and feel like we have gotten to know each other....I remember when Infant Care had as much fighting as the GP forum, and people were really mean to others, calling them the worst names and sometimes making people feel pretty awful about themeselves. I include myself in that statement bc I have made some remarks in the past that I did not always intentionally mean to hurt a person with, but after looking back, I felt really bad and thought it was bad taste on my end. So, I apologize to anyone that I offended in the past. Although it's fun to let a b*tch have it once in a while, I sure prefer it the way it is now. Thank you all for making this the first site I like to check out in the morning and the last site I look at b4 bed!!


newmom - December 17

Thank u Narcissus..i love the site too


CEM - December 17

You can add yourself to the people you should thank, Narcissus! You definitely help in making this a nice place to be. You are a very kind person, as are most of the other ladies around here. :-)


Jamie - December 17

I like the community this forum has become, too. 8-)


The real Lissi - December 17

I can't help clicking on this site every time I'm at my PC. It's not even a concious decision anymore, I just do it on autopilot. Trouble is, it stops me working! Doh!


Narcissus - December 17

Group Hug!!


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 17

I'm addicted to this site! I might not have a lot to offer but I enjoy reading about how all the babies are getting on.


Jamie - December 17

Mind if I kiss the monkey? Ooh, hairball.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 17

Monkey? I am confused


Jamie - December 17

lol...sorry, it's a quote from Aladdin; at the very end, Genie has a group hug, and asks if he can kiss the monkey.


Heidi - December 17

If I don't log on every day and at least read up I get the gitters! Ha ha! I love it too! I started out in the 1st trimester forum when I was a couple weeks pg. Boy how things have changed!


Kristina - December 17

haha I am addicted as well! I let hubby on the comp for like an hour then I'm like "ok take Tasia I want the computer back!" LOL


TC - December 17

Thank you Narcissus and you are welcome. It was really nasty bf. I was just a bystander watching and I refused to post bc I did not want to be attacked. This forum is pretty cool. My dh said that he should start a thread for husbands whose wives go on the forum. He figured that they would need someone to talk to as well. I told him to back up bc we only have ONE computer. LOL!!!!


Kristina - December 17

TC I did used to be nasty! But actually I've found the infant care forum is better than the pregnancy forum...I guess it's all the pregnancy horomones wearing off! =)


monica - December 17

actually it used to be slow and boring...i use to come here when I was pg sometimes and I would post a question and I would get one answer or not answers at all.....Now everyone is nice and giving good advice...yes I agree I love this forum...


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 19

I love it here too! You girls have the best senses of humor! Big hugs!


Dawn C - December 19

It seems like this is the best forum. You can get great answers and most of the people stay the same and it seems like a bunch of friends



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