Thanks Ladies

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Rabbits07 - January 21

I downloaded the Mozilla Firefox browser that you all recommended and am having great results! I just got around to doing it a little earlier after I spent about 1.5 hours trying to get stupid IE to launch....once I got on I went straight to download the Firefox. I closed everything out and launched it again with no probs and it was super fast. Thanks again!


sahmof3 - January 21

That's good to hear. I have no idea what any of it means, but good to hear lol ;-) I guess it will make your computer run better?


Rabbits07 - January 21

sahmof3, I had posted before about having MAJOR trouble with my internet explorer not launching. There were times (like today) that I would spend a good hour or two (coming back to my computer when not busy....not just 1-2 hours straight) trying to get it to launch so that I could come on here. I would say today it took about 20 or so tries before it finally launched and let me browse. Some of the other ladies had recommended the Mozilla Firefox browser, so I downloaded it and so far so good. I don't know if it will really make my computer run better, but hopefully I will be able to get on here at first try from now on and not be in a raw mood once I get on because it took 2 hours!


Lisastar9 - January 21

I was wandering how things were going.


Nerdy Girl - January 21

Yeah, what's the deal with Internet Explorer? I was having problems with my whole computer freezing up when I was surfing the internet and someone suggested I try Firefox. I too had never heard of it, but I downloaded it several months ago and have not had a problem since.


cae - January 22

Sounds like I need Firefox!!! I am having alot of problems with IE. WHen I download firefox, how do I get rid of IE? Let me know..THanks.


apr - January 22

i think i need it to. rabbits-where do i download it from?


Lisastar9 - January 22

type in the search engine firefox,and look for the downlaod. As for getting rid of internet exployer,no need to just make firefox your main brouser for the computer. Hope this helps.


piratesmermaid - January 22

Oh, Good!!! So glad it turned out to be a simple fix for you!! :)


Rabbits07 - January 22

I went to the that one of the ladies had recommended. At the bottom of the page is a search box and I entered Mozilla Firefox. It brought up a choice of like 5 different sources to get it from. I chose the one that had Mozilla Firefox 2 as I figured it was a newer version or something (?) It was simple to download and after it was over and I launched it asked if I wanted to make it my default browser and I chose yes. I still kept IE on, but won't use it unless absolutely necessary for some reason. It froze on me daily and I hated it! I've had excellent results with the Firefox so far.


Steph - January 22

I second the thanks!! I've just downloaded it and it has significantly made my computer faster!! Woooo! :o)


cae - January 23

I want to say thanks also for recommending this web browser! i dowloaded it this morning and it made my computer MUCH faster. I had many problems with IE, it would freeze ALOT and had to reboot atleats 6 times a day. Rabbits do you know if you can add a "favorites tab" on the toolbar? Or does anyone? I used my favorite tab alot with IE, and need to find out how I can add this to Firefox browser, anyone?


jillianT - January 23

use bookmarks instead.


cae - January 23

Thanks Jillian.



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