The Baby Story On TLC

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JAI - May 26

I love watching the Baby Story on TLC, I watched it before I had my son and I still always watch it. Just curious has anyone on this forum been featured on the show???


RB - May 26

no - never been featured but could NOT stop watching it before i had my son and still watch it now! it's addictive! i think when i watched it before it scared me but i guess i was a glutton for punisment!


jessb - May 27

Never been featured, but i love it too. I like "Bringing Home Baby" too. I am definitely going to apply to be on it next time I get pregnant.


Lillie E - May 27

my mom used to always watch that until i had my son... after seeing me, and the pain i went threw, she never wants to watch that again.


Rabbits07 - May 27

I watched it all the time during my last two pregnancies. I was amazed because with this last baby it seemed like of all the shows I watched about 3/4 of them ended up having c-sections...I just didn't remember there being so many c-sections on the show when I had watched it when pregnant before. I liked "Bringing Home Baby" also.


C - May 27

I like those shows too but now I'm starting to watch all of the shows on Discovery Health. They are a lot more graphic and show the good and the bad. I think the shows are called Birth Day and House of Babies.


JAI - May 28

I do love all the birthing shows, I actually sit and think back to being in labour and feeling that special bond with my husband while I watch them. He always laughs at me because I will watch an episode then I will ask him, was I like that, did you do that, did we see that, etc... I was drugged up and can't always remember it all.


rizo123ex4 - May 28

Oh i so loved watching it i live in the middle of no where lol i would have loved to be onit i have 4 kids and watched it ever time but now i really don't watch it because it makes me want more :( and i had a tubal so i'm done


hrsmith - May 28

I watch every baby show out there. I thought I wouldn't after I had my son, but I still love it. I have a close friend who is pregnant right now, and I am constantly calling her. I guess it is all so much more amazing to me now that I have been through it.


Annette - May 28

Before giving birth I was addicted to the show, now I wish I had time to watch it.


JEN - May 28

Kinda OT, but have you guys ever seen that show called "In the Womb?" I think it comes on Discovery Health or one of those channels. Anyway, it is the coolest show ever- it shows exactly what happens to the mother and the baby from the point of conception to birth. I had heard a lot about it and I actually turned on the TV one day about 2 weeks before my due date and it was on! You should all see it- it's great!


AmberLee - May 31

I cry my eyes out everytime i watch these shows- its just so wonderful!


ChannY - June 1

Are you kidding me! I love watching that shows..That how I learnt to give birth to my dd. she's now almost 14 months..I've watched that since I was about 3-4months pregnant until i had my dd and yet i still watchs it! even along those Birth Day, Making of Baby Room, Bringing Home Baby, Baby Story, DIY Birth, and any other birth stuff I watchs. It's awesome. I'm so addicted to those shows. My mum kept telling me to quit wathcing them because I had my kid already and Im like..HELL NO! My fav. shows all be gone:P lol. I never been on it..i wouldnt anyway:| I wouldnt want those camera crew pplz to watch me go through pain and stuff. eww! lol.



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