The Backyardigans

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Toya - November 7

There is a cute little show that comes on on Nickelodeon called the "Backyardigans"...It's sad, because although Asjani has a preference for this show, I think I enjoy more than she does...they are so cute. Does anyone else watch this show?


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 7

I have not seen it, I don't think. My 2 month old actually loves Rugrats and Fairly Oddparents. He actually giggles and talks to the tv when they are on. He does not like Spongebob. I know I will like most of the kids shows more than him. I love the shows on Disney channel. They're geared for 8-13 yr olds, but I love them!


chelsey - November 7

My daughter does! One question is though, what the heck is that pink spotted animal supposed to be? I think her name is Juaniqua or soemthing!


Kim - November 7

Yes!! I have a 10 month old son who enjoys it, and my daughter is 9 and she enjoys it too! They are so cute! And their little adventures are always so interesting. I have to admit that I watch it too! lol


Katie - November 7

This morning my five month old was watching Jojo circus (I think that's what it was called) and he loved it! I can't keep his attention with anything but he sat and watched it. It was on disney channel. It was interactive and I was playing along with it also. He thought it was great.


Narcissus - November 7

I will check that show out. I have heard of it. My son wants to watch anything and everything! I constantly catch him looking at the TV so I have to be careful. He loves Baby Einstein DVDs. I made a mistake when I went to make his bottle this morning while the DVD started...I came back to find that an "adult" movie was playing (DH and I watched last night). I felt sleezy after that, lol!!


guilty - November 7

I have been previewing these shows for awhile. i only watch these shows because I KNOW i am going to loathe some of them and would rather she didn't get hooked on them. The backyardigans are my favs too. Chelsey her name is Uniqua, don't know what she is though. Another cute one is Koala Brothers. Maybe I just like their accents. there is this very weird show where they have talking fingers with eyes. The eyes kinda hook around the fingers. That c___p freaks me out! But I bet there are a lot of pot smokers who would enjoy it. I can't stand the doodlebops and will only watch blue's clues sparingly.


Liana - November 7

My one year old loves baby einstein DVDs and the backyardigans and Dora the explorer as well as caillu or whatever its called


New mom - November 7

Since he was 6 weeks my son liked watching news and now he loves it he wakes up every day at the same time and watches for atleast 2 hours..he likes watching movies too he is 8 weeks


Toya - November 8

My favorite one is the blue one..Pablo. Their names are Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha, and Austin! I think I like this show so much because of the computer generated choreography and's so cute! They have the cutest little voices when they sing too. I also like Dora, the Explorer, and Go Diego Go!


guilty - November 8

I saw the Boobah today for the first time. I have seen these frightening things in the store. it turns out she loves it, it was kinda cute even though they did this rump shaking dance. Lord knows my baby doesn't need to learn anymore rump shaking dances, her aunt is a terrible influence :)


N - November 8

my son is two now and LOVES backyardigans. It's all the singing. Toya - I love go diego go! but my son doesn't care for it.. I absolutely adore the rescue pack song.. I don't know if it's because of the salsa music or what.. but I get stuck singing it for days. Ethan loves Dora the explorer.. mostly boots the monkey. But I rarely see these shows because my son is addicted to Thomas the Tank Engine which I am beginning to loathe..


NOT TO BE MEAN BUT... - November 8

oops i left capslock on sorry. anyway i really think that b___bah is like the obese teletubies. does anyone else think so? i mean they are cute and everything, but thats what they remind me of. maybe im just weird...


P - November 8

Personally I think they are as cute as hell. I'll watch the show myself (at a friends cause I don't have cable) but I'm trying to keep my daughter away from the tv. I'm worried that I'll start to use it as a babysitter somewhere down the line!! lol I also know how addicted my sister and I are to the tube and I don't want that for my girl. Am I the only one this paranoid?


angela - December 10

i know this post is old but i had to coment, my 8 month old loves the song only, after that she really doesnt pay much attention, me on the other hand love to watch them i think they are soooo cute :)


Chelsey - December 10

Okay, this has been bugging me forever!! I didn't know what the heck kind of animal Uniqua, from the Backyardigans, was! So I looked it up... she is apparently unlike any other animal on earth, and there is nothing quite like her, hence the name Uniqua!!! Well, that explains why I didn't know what animal she was!!! Glad I cleared that up!


Dee - December 10

We don't do TV at our house. I don't like what it teaches.



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