The Dog Is Still Barking Old Lady Is Going To Jail

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Narcissus - June 26

For the umpteenth time in a row, the two beagles in my neighbors yard howled and barked all night, till 4am. I got no sleep. The cop told the little (70lb) old asian lady that if she does not bring her dogs in at night (she has a boyfriend she stays out with all night), he will arrest her and take her to jail. I am so freakin desperate for some sleep I don't feel at all badly about it. Apparently she is not phased by his threat bc she is 24 hrs into his 48 hr time warning and she has yet to remedy this situation. I sat staring out my backyard window all last night watching the cop to make sure he was taking my calls seriously. This was our 4th call to them. They said to keep calling them everytime it happens cuz they need to catch her at home to do something about it. He said it will be his pet project for the week and he will do something about it but it may mean me going to court. Fine. Whatever. Just make it stop. People lose their minds and sanity over this kind of shit. I am losing mine...I ate microwave popcorn and ice cream for breakfast. I basically said f*ck it. I need something to make me feel better. Aja gets really poor sleep when the dog barks. He tosses and turns all night and wakes up a lot.


Narcissus - June 26

I know, who cares...


Rabbits07 - June 26

Have you ever seen the Seinfeld episode where the dogs barking across the street are driving Elaine crazy?...I know that's like of no help whatsoever, but you situation makes me think of that episode.


Narcissus - June 26

Yeah and also the one from King of Queens...Tune in this Saturday and you can watch my story on Cops, 8pm - Fox. :P


Tami - June 26

Aww Narc, I am sorry! No sleep becuase of a dog barking all night? That is the worst. When I did my study abroad in Africa we stayed with a host family and one of thier neighbors had a cow they just tied to a tree all night. It didn't make normal cow sounds and would roar all night (no joke). Between that and the monkey sounds I don't think I got any sleep all summer! It was awful. Hope those cops do something soon!


Lory - June 26

OMG! I couldn't stand it! I'm glad you called. So what's happening now?


TCB - June 26

Wow i would be so p__sed. I really hope the cops do something. I woudlnt care either if they arrested her.


Bonnie - June 26

Hev you spoken to the lady?...I wouild lose my mind over that, lol. I am embarra__sed to say I would be all up in her face!


jas - June 27

Have you talked to the lady?? Or did you just call the cops? Sometimes talking to the person yourself would do better then bringing the law into it. Anyway - why not put a cd player/radio in your lo room? Soft music will drown out the dogs and sooth him to sleep better. (These are things I have done - I've got a rot who lives downstairs and diagonal from me. They are lucky enough to have a yard (I have two siberian huskies who don't bark unless they are in a kennel with other barking dogs) anyway - the dogs are left out and bark bark bark... We talked to him and compromised - he now brings them in at 10 and I play the Lion Kind cd in Jadons room - everyone is happy.


Narcissus - June 27

People have asked me why I did not speak with her first & the only real reason I have is that I did not want to give her the courtesy when she is such a blatant a-hole to let this go on everyday. I was hoping she was going to be embarra__sed that someone had the gall to call the cops but it is much bigger than that, I am finding. She's not even home for crying out loud!! Now what do I do??? Same thing happened last night except I told the police I would not call for a few days to give them time to find her or fix this somehow. As long as they are aware that there is an urgent issue at hand, and they plan to do something, that's fine with me. I won't tie up the phone line. I have been fantasizing about kicking her 70lb a** and that's not healthy. If I have to go over there, it's not going to be pretty. I would never hurt her dogs and I am not a violent person but lord help me if I see her. Tami, what country were you in? Did you once tell me it was Uganda? Did you see the mountain gorillas? I was planning a trip to E. Africa with my mom but I got all freaked out bc of the political instability in some areas and my mother is not the kind of person you want to be with when times are scary.


Christy - June 27

Why don't you put two big bowls of beer out for them tonight and see if that knocks them out? Or have dh bring home some sort of anesthetic from work? J/K!! Seriously, that stinks. I hope the cop helps you guys out. The neighbors kids across the street from me were b__wing off fireworks at 11 PM Friday night. I went out there and told them that if I heard one more, I would call the cops (it's illegal to set off fireworks in Ohio.) I know, a bit harsh off the bat, but I have a feeling that their parents are extremely permissive with them and that I would need the big guns for them. My dh wants me to go over and apologize about the calling the cops threat, but I don't think so. Narc- I hope that your neighbor gets a clue before you hit the end of your rope!


Tami - June 27

Narc-yes it was Uganda. I did see the mountain gorillas at Bwindi National Forest. It was so amazing! They led us right in to the rainforest on foot and we were like 4 feet away from them! They are huge! I admit it was a bit scary-but so worth the extra cost! I also went on a chimpanzee trek at another national park in central Uganda and that was awesome as well! The alpha chimp was on the ground right near us and he was "threatening" to charge. Kind of scary. The guides know all of the chimps/gorillas names and can recognize them on site. It is amazing. I can understand being a bit apprehensive about the political situation. We checked with the emba__sy before we went anywhere and didn't even go near northern Uganda where the rebel army LRA is still terrorizing the country. In fact I REALLY wanted to go to Murchison Falls where it is a huge waterfall and there are 20 foot crocodiles and the most likely place to see a leopard, but the week of our trip the LRA attacked some tourists so we couldn't go. In fact, since I went with a school group, we weren't allowed on the border of any country BUT Kenya. I went beforehand to see the gorillas with a few others in my group becuase we couldn't go near Rwanda. There were just places we weren't allowed to go becuase of the political problems there. It is just too bad. I would really like to go back, but my dh says I can't becuase it isn't the safest place right now. I am going back someday though, hopefully when dh is out of law school and we have the finances to go!


Narcissus - June 28

Christy - fireworks scare me and I get annoyed when neighbors use them really late at night, too. I am not going to let my son play with them. DH saw the woman put her dogs out yesterday at 6:30 so I took the opportunity to get in my car and drive over there b4 she left. It turns out she is not old, she is in her 30's, she was really nice and very apologetic, she said she was out of town and the dog sitter was supposed to put the dogs in the garage at night (but did not). I explained to her why I called the police and that it ws not her neighbors that called, rather it was me. I told her if she needs to leave town again, to call me and I personally will let her dogs out during the day , feed them, and make sure they are put in the garage at night. I cannot ever go thru what happened again. Tami, you weren't in Uganda in 1994 by any chance, were you? During the Rwandan genocide? Your visit sounded amazing and I bet it left a feeling inside that you cannot explain. Seeing the mountain gorillas and also the chimps would be an experience unlike anything else! I have always been freaked out by the chimps and there behavior when they are chasing and capturing the blk/white colobus monkeys for food. I took a primate cla__s when I was getting my bachelors in psych at UW-Madison. I had the pleasure of working closely on a research project with Dr Chris Coe who heads the primate lab in Madison & he taught the most amazing cla__s about primates.


Tami - June 28

Narc-no I wasn't there during the Rwandan genocide-I didn't go until 2001 actually. We heard so many stories about it though from people. They said that thier rivers in Uganda were backed up with bodies They also said that the UN troops in Uganda knew all about it as well (we already know what they did in Rwanda about it) and they just ignored it. I


Tami - June 28

sorry, Kailey submitted it! I was going to say that I also heard stories about Idi Amin and Milton Obote as well. These people have lived through horrors that I cannot even imagine! The animals were amazing! I have always been an animal freak and I just couldn't get enough of them. We had tons of monkeys that lived right outside our house, and they wouldn't let us go anywhere in the jungle alone becuase of leopards. It was pretty amazing. I was going to say about the chimps-tha


Tami - June 28

Lol-once again! The chimps ARE very vicious. I was a zoology major for quite a while in college, and almost wish I would have stuck with it! I am fascinated by animals.



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