The First Birthday

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piratesmermaid - January 18

I know I have another 6 months until Gretchen's, but I was just wondering what ya'll did for your lo's first birthday. Did you have a big blowout or was it just family? Where did you have it at? Did you have a theme? Thought it'd be a fun thread....


Brittany - January 18

We had a big b__wout haha, I think the first birthday is the most fun in the baby stages!! We had ours at a park so all the kids had something to do (I really don't like going to partys where all we do is sit around and the kids are completely miserable). Our theme was Elmo, we would have made it blues clues but we couldn't find blues clues table clothes or plates (maybe we weren't looking in the right place). It was sooo much fun, the place we got the cake from gave our son a special smash cake haha and smashed it he did! It was just the perfect day, I can't wait to throw my daughter a first birthday party this summer!!


Emmie - January 18

My sons first birthday is not until April but I am already planning it. I am just having family but that is a huge amount of people. My husbands family is huge(not in size-hehe). We are gonna have a bbq with cake and stuff. I am so excited. I cant believe it is only three months away.


SonyaM - January 18

Oh yeah, big b__w out for both kids first birthdays. My oldest sons we did a Bear in the Big Blue House theme and had kiddie pools in the yard. We had hot dogs, chips and stuff with a themed cake. It was great fun. My second son's party we got a HUGE inflatable slide (for the older kids) and played kids music inside and out. The adults were pretty much inside and kids outside. We had balloons ands streamers everyone and did a First Birthday Theme. It was great.


ash2 - January 18

We have a big b__wout for every birthday... the most we have spent was 350.00 dollars. No less than 150.00 . For the first one, we rented out our neighborhood clubhouse and had about 50 people come including about 15 kids ! We had a table for " make your own ice cream"...and a giant coloring house, and pizza .I also brought some toys frm home !


Kara H. - January 18

We were just talking about the same thing for Max! Max is the first baby in the family for about 10 yrs, but so many of my friends had babies in the year or so before Max that we will be doing lots of 2 yr old friendly things! We will probably do it at our house so we can use the pool, but all LOs will be required to wear their lifevest suits the ENTIRE time they are here. Safety first! We will probably a cookout style meal. I don't plan on doing a character theme unless he has shown a real interest in one by then. Piratesmermaid - we will have to be sure and swap pictures from the day!


ash2 - January 18

For Aidens first birtday we are renting out the neighborhoods park shelter....Grilling out and playing...He was born in may so it is perfect weather !


sahmof3 - January 18

We had family and a few close friends for our kids' first b-days. Actually my youngest just had his this past July. Poor babes... he has to share a b-day party with his older brother (their b-days are less than a week apart). Anyway, our tradition is to strip the b-day baby down to the diaper and let them just make a disaster of the cake!!! For my oldest we had a 4th of July theme, because after the party we all went to see a fireworks display (his b-day's July 1st). My dd's first b-day was a b___terfly theme. Last year when my oldest has his 5th and it was also my youngest's 1st we did a jungle theme.


amyh - January 19

We are doing a brunch, that way our daughter can still get the sleep she needs. Close family and friends with kids


Shea - January 19

We had a family party at home. Small family party since all my family lives out of state, and dh's is about an hour away. I decorated with "1 yr old" birthday stuff, balloons, etc and had a Mickey Mouse cake. The only other person we know with young kids couldn't make it , but thats ok, ds is just more spoiled.


rl- - January 19

well my ds just had his and we just had a small family party with a couple of close friends there was really no theme but I did which I was so glad I did get his Cake from Publix and they also include free "smash cake" and that was the highlight of his party when we gave him his own he did not eat much of it but I had to put him in the tub afterwards LOL!!!


Emily - January 19

We had a big b__wut and it was just family! We didn't even invite all my family. We had a cookout in Aug and it wasn't bad. we did the same for the 2nd b-day and it was awful! anyway we did the cookout and had cake that we made at home, nothing special but it was homemade with love, no better kind. WE didn't do a theme as she didn't relly have any favorites yet....For her present we took ehr to her first baseball game in Saint Louis ( we live about 2 1/2 hours away) it was the last year of the Cardinals Busch stadium and we wanted her to be able to say she was in it....we took lots of pics.....We didnt' spend a bunch of money on anything but food. We dont remember the theme anyway, we remember the fact hta Mary loved the cake until she got icing on ehr hands, then she ahted it and wanted her hands cleaned off, so no pics with her covered in cake :(. Then after the meal and homemade ice cream, when dh and my grandparents started to leave, it was just my mom and sisters, (it was hot, and my dad hates heat, so he went home.) It was getting dark, but we sat out on the patio and Mary walked around in just her diaper. she was just getting good at walking without help and it was so cute. That was the best part. That is the part I remember the most....


shelly22 - January 19

My son's 1st is next month and I can't wait!!! We rented a place called Gymoboree which is a play center for kids under 5. There's lots of things for my son to crawl in and walk on and it's all little. They have a back room where we'll have food and cake. We invited about 50 people including the kids, i'm not sure how many are coming yet. I just finished the invitations last night. I've always been a big birthay celebrater, even for myself!! So, we're probably going to end up spending about $500.00. We'll make sure to video camera everything so he'll always be able to see!! Piratesmermaid, what were you thinking about doing?


sahmof3 - January 19

Not that anyone would have been the wiser, but I should have said (above) my oldest had his 6th, not 5th b-day with my youngest's 1st b-day. Duh! I don't know how old my kids are lol. Anyway, my daughter's 3rd b-da party is in TWO days and it's here at my house. Yikes. I have a lot of cleaning and decorating to get done! B___terfly theme AGAIN. She loves b___terflies :-)


Rabbits07 - January 19

Shame on you You sound like me. One day we were out and I only had the two youngest with me and for some reason I kept calling Clint, Alex. Thyen I kept correcting myself, so I was saying, "Alex, I mean Clint....." I seen one lady giving me a look....I'm sure she thought it was simply absurd that I couldn't remember my own child's name....LOL.


ashtynsmom - January 19

Ashtyns first birthday is next Tuesday. We are having her party the following Sat. We rented out the Masonic Lodge and we are having between 30-40 people. Family and Friends. We are serving mini sandwiches, chips, dip, pop and cake. We have requested no gifts b/c Christmas was only 4 weeks ago... and she needs NOTHING. We are decorating in a theme called " One Special Girl". She isn't really into a charachter yet (Elmo, Dora, Pooh) so we decided on a "One" theme that is very girly. I am excited!! We have ballons, streamers, the high chair decor kit. I even ordered her a shirt that says Happy First B-day Ashtyn.


piratesmermaid - January 19

Aw, goodness, I don't know what to do for Gretchen's 1st (granted it is almost 6months away!) but we could have a bigger party and invite people from my hubby's work (since that is the only people we know so far in our area!) but there are a couple people that would come that I CANNOT stand to be around!!! So our other option would be to have a small family only party because I have extended family just over an hour away that I know would come, but it would be VERY small. We'd either have it at our house or at a park since it'll be in July....



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