The Future Looks Scary

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mandee25 - March 14

As most of you all know I am the mommy of a 4 month old baby boy. Reading some of your posts I think to myself, oh my goodness, what am I in for when my baby gets older. Am I the only one who thinks having a young baby is easy and the hard things are yet to come? I love being a mom and everything but reading about some of your issues and problems makes me a little afraid of the future in a way. Does this sound stupid?


tryingx3 - March 14

Doesn't sound stupid at all...I LOVE taking care of my dd and can't help but be apprehensive of the future days of MOBILITY! Actually a friend of mine with 3 kids (youngest 2), said she just LOVED the "baby" stage.


Emily - March 14

You are not alone. I have found that there are good days and bad in both the early days and the later. However nothing will ever make you sorry you had a baby. Even when they are up all night or old enough to run you ragged, they are so worth it all. ONe little smile and a cute littel I lve you mommy will melt your heart. so dont worry to much. There are bad days but also so much better ones too. (Its just that no one mentions them....)


kellens mom - March 14

I have actually read some posts and learned what not to do to avoid getting in situations to begin with. i.e. letting myself become a human pacifier and a__sisting with bedtime routines. This is a forum where most of us come for help. We only need help when in a will undoubtedly read about a lot of things that will never happen to you or your little one. Be thankful!


srigles - March 14

Mandee, me too! I'm scared because my 4-month-old is SO good. Very easygoing, very happy, etc. Somehow, I can see my little angel turning into a holy terror in about 7 or 8 months and it terrifies me!


Shannah - March 14

sringles i wouldn't say that, my little one has been almost perfect since birth, we are lucky, he is 7 months old and still the same as 4 months old, even more fun. i still have a long ways to go too!


Bridget - March 14

It just gets a bit more tiring when they are mobile,because you are chasing them around a lot. A good idea to make your future easier (and more fun) would be to baby-proof a part of your house or a room so your baby can play safely. In a way it's good you are a little scared because it just means you are aware of things you'll need to watch out for. The months that they become mobile are so fun, though because they are adorable when they crawl and their little tushies go back and forth and my son pounds his hands and knees, it sounds like a herd of elephants, it's hilarious.Then he'll stop and turn around and smile at me and clap his hands and I'm just a puddle of love.He was an easy baby too and he's a delightful toddler. He isn't walking yet, though, and the way he tries to climb everything, I know I'll be even more exhausted. But as we all know, it's worth it.


BriannasMummy - March 14

I dont think youre being silly at all. Its easy to have fears of the unknown! You just have to remember that not everything happens all at once.. things will happen day by day and youll learn to deal with things as they come. Yes different situations are ging to scare the c___p out of you.. but let me tell you.. there are WAY more good times then BAD! I love waking up every single morning seeing both of my girls faces. As time goes on they get sweeter.. and more mobile.. and you get the satisfaction of KNOWING that youre the one who fed them.. clothed them.. and taught them.. almost everything that they know! Brianna has been an AWESOME little girl since birth.. Im proud to say shes mine! Ka__sidy is following in her sisters footsteps. My favorite stage was the 1 and 2 year old stage.. they are soo cute.. and they learn soo much.. and they come out with new things every single day that absolutely will amaze you! Try not to worry.. youll make it.. and theyll be the best days of your life!! ~Kristin~


sahmof3 - March 14

No, it doesn't sound stupid at all. I was worried about that, too... with my oldest especially! He was a hard-to-please, finicky, up all night type of baby and people (mostly one of my SILs) would say stuff like, "Oh, you think it's bad now... wait until he's older and can get around and have tantrums." I also had PPD, so the thought that it was actually going to get worse was terrifying, but I have found the opposite to be true.... and since you have started out with an easy baby, it may be even easier for you LOL. I mean, yeah there have been tantrums and all sorts of crazy things, but the good FAR outweighs the hard days :-) Plus, they get older and their true personality shows AND they can talk to you and say cute things all the time. They get potty-trained and easier to take care of, too.... there's lots of great things about them getting older!!!


srigles - March 14

Shannah, thanks for the positive info! I guess there's still hope, lol.... Sometimes he just seems too good to be true - but I'm lovin' every minute of it. :)


luviduvi - March 14

I was always under the impression that things would get easier. Someone corrected me and told me where one area gets easier, another area becomes complicated. When dd was an infant, I hated playing the guessing game--is it this? is it that? is she saposed to do this? The funny thing is that dd was and excellent baby and a good toddler so far. But, there are going to be obstacles, however, being the mother, you just do it not realizing its an obstacle. Just like when you brought your baby home. Those first 6 weeks are rough for a new mom. Do you remember how yucky the first six weeks were, or do you see it as no big deal anymore? Well, that is what happens with all your future endeavors w/ your children. I have always found that the infant stages are easier. Baby sleeps more, they don't move, (my lo didn't teeth until 10 mths). With my ds, who is 5 mths, he's a different baby. He is a good baby too, niether baby had colic, but he isn't as easy going as dd was. Now, with him, I look forward to the future believe it or not. I can't wait until he's grown out of a finicky stage, which he is currently doing, and when he's moving around and can entertain himself a little more. Or, when he learns to walk and he can chase after his big sis. Or better, when he is a toddler and the two of them can begin what will hopefully be a close sibling relationship. One thing as a mother, we can "go through the motions" better than anyone else in the world. Don't be scared---all the tough times coming will be shadowed by all the things you have to look forward to. Like Dressing up for Halloween, the first time they see Santa and think he's real. Or the first time you lo tells you they love you out of the blue. It all comes together.



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