The Geat Swaddle Debate

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Corissa - February 10

My DH is 3 and a half months old and every night we swaddle her and within 10 minutes she is out. We have noticed that lately she has become strong enough to break her arms out of it, no matter how tight we wrap her. The other night I tried to put her down without the swaddle and she was very restless. My question is at what age did you stop swaddling your little one and how did you "train" them to sleep soundly without being swaddled?


C - February 10

Wow, I don't really remember. I think I only swaddled for a few weeks because he too would break out of it and it didn't really sooth him at all. They do sell those blankets that are meant for swaddling and velkro shut. Maybe that would help?


Chelle - February 10

I stopped swaddling at around 2 months because my daughter kept breaking out of it also. She seemed to do fine without it. But she was also sleeping in a ba__sinet then so she felt a little more inclosed then a crib.


jj - February 11

my son is 4 months and we still swaddle at night....only way he sleeps thru.....and yes, he will often break loose......houdini! my dh is now in charge of wrapping, so he can do it tight enough, and we use a bigger blanket,,,,works for most of the night at least.......we bought one of those swaddlers blankets, but its way to small for him!! try a blanket with a wee bit of helps..............but i too wonder how long we wrap for!


Cora - February 11

Our daughter is 3.5 months old and is swaddled, its the only way she'll sleep. There is a product called The Miracle Blanket, search for it solves the problem of them getting their arms loose, and best of velcro. Velcro is an awful thing to put on an infant, especially when they wriggle to get free, they may get scratched by all that velcro.


Cora - February 11

The link to those blankets is


Steph - February 11

I swaddled my daughter until she was 9-10 months. That's the only way she would sleep and she liked it. The tighter the better! I'd say swaddle your baby until they outgrow it or until they don't like it anymore.


Bonnie - February 11

Babies R Us does make a nice swaddling blanket. It does have velcro but it doesn't come loose or get anywhere near their skin. I bought 2 of them and really like them as there is no way they are getting out of that! lol


SHelly - February 11

i was told before i left the hospital that babies should be swaddled up to 3 months. I think it depends what the baby likes and what works best for your baby. My little guy doesnt like it much but sleeps great when we leave his little hands out to the side. We just wrap him from under his arms, because he will struggle to get his lil arms out if we wrap them inside.


pbj - February 11

My dd would only alloow us to swaddle her until she was about a month old. Since then anytime I try to she screams.


Christy - February 12

My son started breaking out of swaddling around 3 or 4 weeks. He can fall asleep while or after nursing, or without it. As long as he is clean, dry, fed, burped, and tired, he will usually fall asleep. I don't think you want to swaddle for much longer. I thought I have heard it can inhibit development after a certain point although I really don't know at what point this could occur. If your baby is breaking out of it, s/he is probably ready to be done with it. Also, there could be an increased risk of suffocaion with the loose swaddling. I think at 3 or 4 months, if they are trying to break out of it, you should discontinue it.


Corissa - February 12

Yeah, I would like to stop doing it but if we don't she doesn't sleep. And, once she breaks free from it she wakes herself up every 5minutes because she hits herself in the face with her hands! We are using a large fleece blanket, wrapped as tight as her daddy can go and she still escapes! Thanks for all the advice, I will look online and in the stores to see if we can find something better!


Heather - February 12

I guess we failed! Both of my dd's would do nothing but scream when swaddled - it started the day after they were born. The first day they were happy with it, but after that it was all down hill. I thought I had started doinng it wrong, so I had the nurses in the hospital help me with it on both of them - and both girls hated it! But they both slept at least 6 hours through the night by 3 weeks!


Kt - February 12

Hi Corissa! I was wondering the same thing. My dd is 3 and 1/2 months too and she sleeps great as long as she is swaddled. I am trying to put her down for naps not be swaddled and just putting a blanket on her. That works fine, but it is only for a few hours at a time. She likes to bring the blanket up towards her face and falls asleep with it by her nose. But at night she wakes up several time if she gets her hands out because then she pulls her binky out and gets mad. I guess I should try a bigger blanket?


Bonnie - February 12

Tru the swaddle blankets at Babies R Us.


Bonnie - February 12

Bleh, dang dashes ><...just go to their Web site and search swaddle. :P


tina - February 12

I stopped swaddling a few weeks after we were home from the hospital.. She just didn't like being confined. I think just depends on your child and whether or not they like it. Mine didn't so I stopped. Remember babies are just little people and somehow they always let you know what they want. Just takes a little while to figure out what they are saying ;).



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