The Great Binki Debate To Plug Or Not To Plug

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surewinwilliams - March 19

Hey there...give your opinion on whether or not to use a binki...effects on br___t age to stop.. Just curious for your pros and cons so I can make a decision for my 5 day old baby boy!


mjvdec01 - March 20

I used a binky with my daughter until she was about 14 months old then took it away. It didn't cause any problems for us at all. My thought is, if it is soothing to the baby then it will be soothing to the mother. It was great to have something comforting for her at naptimes and at bedtime especially. She also used it during the day until she was about 10 months or so I guess. I am 22 weeks pregnant now and when this baby comes we will be using a binky as well.


iemc19 - March 20

If you're going to use one - they recommend that your nursing is well established - so I would wait a few weeks..that way they do take it only for comfort and not as a subst_tute when they are still actually hungry.....But of course plenty use it from birth....3 out of 4 of mine had one from about 6 weeks old+ ...I never had any problems with nursing - they soon spat it out when they were really hungry!! Congrats on your LO ...


MNMOM - March 20

Both of my baby boys got a paci in the hospital and had no problems nursing, they were both champs at it!


socurbaby7 - March 20

I dont know if that's true about waiting for nursing to be well established... in the hospital i fed my baby right away... then i gave her the binky they had in the hospital and ones i had brought with me... and welll shes 3 months old right now... and she wants nothing to do with a binky... she actually gets mad if i try and give her one... and when we were in the hospital she would take it...but now nothing.. so who knows


britt_m - March 20

My now 9 1/2 month old dd, took one for about a month at 3 months. I offered it early and later and she refused. Now she'll bite and pull on them, so I don't even let her play with them anymore. She's still bf and that month never bothered anything.


bbmax - March 20

I used one for the first couple of months when both of my boys needed soothing at night or had bouts of colic. It worked for those screaming moments. By not using it more than a few times a week here and there after the first 2 months, they both never developed an attachment to it but it worked in the beginning during those bad times. By the time they were 3 or 4 months, they would spit it out and hold teething rings instead.


Kiersten - March 21

We had a lot of trouble with nursing in the beginning and my ds wasn't getting that sucking that he needed, so for us, the paci was a life saver. I wasn't going to even use a paci until he was at least 4 months old (ha-ha), but that's the only thing that got us through the first week. Just go with your gut. GL and congrats!


tish212 - March 21

I b___st feed, and started dd on a bippy provided by the hospital, at the age of 2 days they said it was ok b/c she took so well to bf. she still uses her bippy at nite and during car rides...but most of the day she no longer uses it b/c shes teething and finds her hands more interesting. she is 3 months...we don't plan on having a 2 year old that uses one so we r slowly weaning her from it now. good luck and congrats!


SistaC - March 21

Congratulations on your new baby boy! I gave my son a dummy while still in hospital, and he b___stfed just fine. He's 13 months old and still uses it for sleeping and settling. It also helped with his reflux, which he's only now starting to grow out of.


jen327 - March 21

Hi, I gave my DS a binki and we had a little trouble with b___stfeeding. But he is almost 8 months old and he is a pro now. My advice is to stay with it no matter what, even if it gets frustrating. The only thing to remember is becareful not to give a binki when they cry because they might be hungry. So I always tried to feed when he seemed hungry and used the binki for when he was full. But they say binkis lower the sids rate so go for it.!


hope-31 - March 21

i will use a binky whrn i have babies because i feel that if they will take to one then its better then thumb/finger sucking because you can take the binky away but not their fingers.


eclectic66 - March 21

We have used a binky since day 1 and my ds is now 8 months old and he pretty much only uses it now to soothe himself at night when going to sleep or occa__sionally during the day he seems to use it as a teether. As far as the effects on b___st feeding I can't help you there as I formula fed mine exclusivley after the gae of 5 weeks. I do know that I took comfort in knowing that the binky has been proven to lower the incidence of SIDS so that is always a PLUS!


angeev - March 24

I think it depends on the child and, like anything, it can be a good or bad thing depending on its useage. It has been very useful for us in calming our son when he is not hungry but needs something in there. Since day one we decided we would allow it but do out best so he does not become dependent. Once he is calm we take it away.


cblack - March 25

I use a paci with ds and he loves it. It calms him down quite a bit. The only issue we have had was when it would come out before he was fully asleep at night or sometimes in the middle of the night, and he would wake up and want it again. Now he can put it in his mouth on his own, but also will push it out of his mouth when he is asleep because I believe he just wants it for the sake of comfort while he is sleepy, and once asleep doesnt need it anymore. The downside of not using one... I babysit another little boy during the day who doesnt use one... and he doesnt seem to know how to comfort himself. His mom says that he doesnt use a binki/paci (refuses), but yet when he is with me, he steals my sons or the other little boys pacifier. I think it is good to use it, at least in the beginning, and then get rid of it around 1 year.


lily10 - March 25

I b___stfed my dd till she was 6 months old and she also had a paci pretty much that whole time and giving the paci really helped. My dd wanted to nurse around the clock for the first couple of months so I gave her a paci when I was exhausted from having her attached to me every second. My dd is almost 9 months now and she still uses her paci but she is not dependent on it as far as I can tell.


lissica - March 26

When my boy was born he just cried and cried and the only thing that would sooth him was bf'ing even though he wasn't hungry. I always said when i was pregnant i would wait several wks before giving him a binky just in case he got nipple confusion. Well after no sleep and constant crying i changed my tune pretty fast and gave him one within days of his birth. He never had any confusion and loves it. In my opinion it is the best inventions for babies they have ever made!



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