The Happiest Baby On The Block

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Tami - November 7

Hey ladies, I just watched a video called the happiest baby on the block. This is a video by a pediatrician who has developed ways to calm babies. It really works. My baby girl was screaming while we were watching the video and as soon as it was over we tried the steps and it worked instantly! Just though that some of you would like to try it, especially if your babies are like mine and don't sleep!


Narcissus - November 7

So the t_tle should be, The Happiest Parents on the Block! :)


Shelly - November 7

I love that DVD,it really worked for me!!!


Racahel mommy2lucas - November 7

I read the book. I found most of it very helpful with my colicky one. He is almost 3 mos old. just waiting for that supposedly magical age.


Shelly - November 7

How is Kailey doing?


monica - November 7 does go away son still gets a little fussy sometimes but its a lot better than before. He is 3 1/2 months


Tami - November 7

Kailey is doing great. She is growing like a week-she is now 23 inches long! I can't believe how different she is looking from when she was first born. I am working on her website right now, so I will be posting that soon. Oh, and the parents are the happiest parents on the block! :) How is Jesse doing Shelly? I heard about the emergency room visit. That must have been so stressful.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 8

Thanks Monica, it's good to know it will get better. It is slow going but there is improvement!


Shelly to Tami - November 8

Hey girl!!! Jesse is doing better today,his little "wee-wee" looks a lot better.Amazing what a stupid hair can do huh? I am dying to see Kailey now.You really have to e-mail me a new picture.have you seen the pictures on Jesses website? I really like the one in his Harley davidson outfit and there is one in his Halloween outfit where he is stretching,i love that one,that is soooo "jesse".


Tami - November 9

Shelly-Jesse is so cute! I love his Halloween outfit. Kailey was a pumpkin also. Your little Jesse has the cutest smile! He is just so adorable. Kailey will smile for us, but we haven't been able to get her to smile for the camera just yet. I am waiting for the perfect moment! I emailed you some pictures of Kailey. Hope you like them. I almost have her site ready. I am a perfectionist so I have to make it perfect. :)



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