The Swing Doesn T Do The Trick Anymore

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JessC531 - October 26

My dd is 2 1/2 months old, and for the past month and a half or so, she has taken almost all of her naps in her swing. It's the only place she'll fall asleep without lots of crying first, and stay asleep for more than 1/2 hour. Well, in the past week or so, it just doesn't seem to cut it anymore! She cries even in there sometimes, and wakes up after 30 - 40 minutes every time. Right now she's in there, and is EXHAUSTED, but keeps waking up - so she's not really in a deep sleep. Since the swing doesn't really work anymore, (and because I'd like to be able to leave the house with her!) I've been trying to get her to fall asleep elsewhere, but she only will in my arms. And then I have to wait like 20 minutes to put her down or she'll wake back up. Anyway... I'm rambling. I was just wondering if your LOs "outgrew" the swings and at what age. I'm wondering if it's just a phase and she's not feeling well (she had her shots last week and they made her feel crummy) or if she's just done with it.


DDT - October 26

She may be done with it. My ds was never a huge fan of the swing and by 2.5-3 months he wouldn't want to be in it at all. As for napping in the swing...he only napped in it occasionally. Of course it's a habit you have to break now and there will be protest against napping in her ba__sinett/crib. You just have to be persistant even if she cries. I used the shush-pat method to get my son used to the crib for naps. It takes dedication, patience and routine. You have to keep doing it on a regular basis for her to get used to it else you just confuse her more. My advice would be to use her soother, try swaddling and the shush-pat method. You are right to break this habit now and get her used to the crib because it will only get harder the older she gets. Some babies have a easier time than others transitioning to the crib for naps. Just keep in mind that it will be hard the first 1-2wks but eventually she will be napping in her crib. My other advice would also be to get her used to napping in her portable if you plan on going out with her and want her to nap in it. We went on a overnight trip when my ds was 4 months and for the week previous to going I put him down in his portable for all his naps so that he got used to that surrounding.


c_baer19 - October 26

My LO has never liked the swing, but I do find that what she likes changes all the time and I am always having to adapt! I used to be able to put my DD down to sleep in the ba__sinet, but she stopped liking that a long time ago and sleeps on me at night. She still doesn't always nap very well throughout the day, and we are trying to work with her sleeping on her own. I also pat her back to keep her asleep when she starts to stir after just a couple of minutes.


DB - October 26

My dd only napped in her swing til she was 4 months and then I made it a point to get her used to her crib. I'm glad I didn't wait any longer than that. Maybe it's time to pack it away?!


wailing - October 27

Lo outgrew swing a bout a month ago (he's 17wks now). But, at around 12 wks he stopped napping in there well too (used to love it). It's just that they are so much more awake and alert it's hard for them to sleep for long. I started putting lo in his crib to nap around 12 wks. He does great, but took some time and patience and persistance. When we go out, I just plan it around naps. If we will be in the car for at least 30 mins, I leave when it's naptime so he can sleep in the carseat.


eclectic66 - October 27

Glad to see that this a fairly normal occurence bc I have been noticing my ds (13 weeks) is no longer "knocked out" by his swing any longer. He will usually (if he's not fussy) just sit in it now with his eyes WIDE and rarely does he fall asleep in it for naps. I was wondering when the average time was to try napping in the crib? I wasn't if 13 weeks was too young? but from reading this it seems like now would be a good time :-)


andy - October 27

babies outgrew EVERYTHING ... they might find something to be their favorite thing in the world till one day ... my dd did not have a swim but she had the fisher price rocker , she loved it you will out her and she would sleep for even an hour on it from about 1 1/2 months to like when she was 3 months , and all of the sudden she started crying and not wanting to sleep there anymore, and she would only sleep on my arms ... now she finally can nap on her crib (fro about a month now) I never had any problems with her sleeping on my arms untill when she was like 5 months that my dh had to leave town for work and I was alone with Bianka , änd as you figured I had to eat and had thing done in here , so would let her play and be really tired , give her the bottle and then I will out her in her crib , she will nap for only 45 min , but thats a lot for me ...She is almost 7 months now and she naps in there 3 times a day , but at 2 1/2 months naps are more often ... try the car seat she really loves it too , we take her out almost evry day and she would fall asleep there sooo easily ... Don´t worry BABIES ARE A MISTERY... : ) andrea



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