The Wedge

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Christy1 - February 24

Does anyone use the wedge under the crib mattress to keep it propped up for reflux? And if so, do you like it?


Perl - February 24

I have the same question as you Christy and also would like to know where to buy one.


jb - February 24

Save some money and use a pillow.


care - February 24

I have one and don't really like it. It wasn't expensive though. He always ends up sliding to the bottom of the wedge. I just bought an incline sleep positioner. We didn't use it tonight because he went to sleep when we got him. I will try it tomorrow. At least he won't slide around I hope.


tryingx3 - February 24

I used a pillow (like a decorative one from one of my couches) and placed it under the head of the mattress.


eclipse - February 25

I bought two expensive wedges and don't use them anymore. My lo always ends up at the bottom. He does better with a flat pillow-keeps him from scooting. Save the money, or put a rolled up towel at his feet to keep him from sliding as much (under the sheet, but its annoying. They have those huge wedges for AR that the baby is strapped to-Tucker sling/wedge? I don't know how those are. They are very expensive though.


DB - February 25

I just bought an "ultimate sleep positioner" from BRU...It sort of looks like a bouncy chair type design, but I don't know if she'll stay put in it. It's on the BRU website,but there weren't any customer reveiws for it. I'm going to try to put her in it later if she'll sleep and see if I feel comfortable putting her in it at night. I had propped up her mattress but she slides down and ends up sideways sometimes.


DB - February 25

Ok, don't buy what I bought...Peice of ****!! My baby is not even 9lbs yet and she's too long for this thing. The baby on the box must be like 4 lbs!! I may just put her in her carseat at night to keep her from spitting up.


Shannah - February 25

I bought one at one step ahead i use it when my little one has a cold or is sick to help with the congestion.


eclipse - February 26

Sorry, I meant mine were inexpensive. Took me a day to see that LOL


Perl - February 26

I bought the "Ultimate Sleep Positioner" by Especially for Baby at Babies R Us and it might work for a preemie or justborn baby but not my 4 month old even though the box says its good for babies up to 6 months. I opened the box, tried it and put it right back in the box and will be returning it for a refund. You can adjust the incline but my son's weight (about 14 lbs) reduces the incline back to flat--not good at all. Boppy makes an insert for the boppy pillow that might be an option maybe--has anyone tried that yet?



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