Things Nobody Tells You

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kayla_shauntel_05 - June 15

I am amazed at how gassy my little one it. She farts and burps more than any adult I know. It is cute in a way, because such a little person produces such massive farts. She farts and burps very loud too. Anyone else noticed this?


JEN - June 15

OMG YES!!!!!!!! My ds farted at the grocery store when he was like 10 weeks old, and it was sooooo loud that this lady behind me told me that I was very rude for not "excusing" myself. She just rolled her eyes when I told her that it was my baby...uppity witch. : ) Too funny though- now at 6 months he is a little less ga__sy, but when he lets on rip...geez!!!!!!


Ginny - June 15

LOL! You're right! And it doesn't matter where - grocery store, family gathering, church. . . Whenever dd starts up I try to make sure I hold her in a way that every one can see her, so there's no doubt that it's me!


YC - June 15

LOL!!! Inever noticed this wither until I had a baby of my own. I have been around babies and have 4 nephews but I dont remember them ever being this ga__sy. When my dd was about 2 months old we were in line in Target when she let one rip LOL!!! Everybody looked at me like I did and two little kids behind me were laughing. So embarra__sing!!! LOL!!!


Mommy - June 15

LOL, I know about that. When Logan was newborn, I took him to my 6 week PP check up. DH sat outside in the waiting room with him while I went back. I came back out and DH was like "He was farting the ENTIRE TIME you were back there." He was really red faced and embarra__sed.


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 15

My daughter is asleep in her swing, farting up a storm!


Rabbits07 - June 15

I would put Mason up against the biggest beer gut in town! We used to live next to a man who drank and I could hear him belching from over at his house all the way in mine! GROSS! Strange how it seems so cute coming from the little ones, huh?


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 15

Mine is cute until you smell her! Her burps smell almost as bad as her farts. I think she could hang with the big boys in a farting contest.


bbelmore - June 15

yes, it's awesome! proud to say we are a ga__sy family, and the LO sure keeps up with his daddy : )


Bonnie - June 15

"She just rolled her eyes when I told her that it was my baby...".......ROFL!! She probably thought you did it and were trying to blame the baby! LOL


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 15

We are a pretty ga__sy family too......the baby will fart and we all look around at each other like "was that you?"


Annette - June 15

ROFL!!!! My son can fart loud.... and stinky!!!! the funniest part (to me) is that he is 4 months old and he stretches like my grown up brothers do before breaking wind, then he lets out a loooooud stinky one, normally while dhy and I are having dinner (ugh) and then I wonder how can you reach those noise and smell levels just with MILK!!!!???? I would bet my son gets some tacos or curry beef while I am not watching!!!!


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 15

This is hilarious. I never can remember for the life of me, the kids that I worked with in the daycare at school farted like my little one does. She is so funny. My dad held her and she farted, and he said he knew that was his grand daughter all right because she could break wind like the rest of us.


melissa g. - June 15

just today, my dd let out a belch the likes of which i have rarely heard -- would easily put any grown man to shame, it was truly incredible! my husband and i just about pa__sed out laughing.


JAI - June 15

When my ds was 5 months old we were on an elevator and this older couple was talking to him and saying oh he is so cute and all of a sudden my son burped the loudest burp of his life which echoed even more on the elevator right in one of their faces. It was so funny and embarra__sing. I was in tears after laughing so hard.


BaileysMummy - June 16's funny. Bailey is 6 months old now and laughs when he farts and burps. We were in a waiting room at the hospital last week and a man behind us was burping like crazy, cardiac hospital so something must have been wrong. Bailey was turning around staring at him and laughing his head was a bit embarra__sing!


AprilMum - June 16

My daughter let one rip while I was on the phone. I was just sort of paralyzed for a second, and then tried to explain that it wasn't me. It didn't help that I just could not stop laughing.



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