This Boy Won T Sleep Normal Hours

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eclipse - January 29

Lately my son has taken to not going to sleep until 2am. It is driving me crazy, and I don't know what to do. He has started sleeping through the night mostly in the last few weeks. I have the shades open during the day and play with him as much as possible, but he tries to sleep a lot in the morning and early afternoon and then is up in the evening. Last night he went to sleep at midnight and then woke up at 12:40 and cried hysterically and could not be soothed until I fed him into submission around 2:30am. He was up at 8am, I fed him for an hour (he is very slow), and then we went back to sleep until 12pm. I fed him again, and he conked out again! What am I doing wrong? Should I wake him up more? I'm a night person myself but this is ridiculous! Any help and advice would be appreciated-this first time mom feels pretty stupid right now!


Mingill - January 29

Hi, I'm also a first timer with the same problem. My DS stays up till 2:30 almost every night, like clockwork. I've tried the same things as you, bright and noisy during the day, calm and dark at night to help him realize the difference. I've tried keeping him up with playing during the morning but he falls asleep sitting up (so sad/cute). Basically, after asking everyone I know including nurses and doctors, I've had to accept that this is him. I've been a__sured that he will eventually sleep like normal (someday). So I don't think you or I are doing anything wrong, so don't feel bad. I have a night time routine, and I've tried to bump it up an hour to get my DS to sleep by 1:30, then 1:00 etc. but it doesn't work, he just hangs out till 2:30! Last night he actually went to sleep a little earlier, so I hope that at 5 months old, he's finally starting to even out. The only way i get through it is to sleep as soon as he's down. I'd be interested to see if anyone can offer a solution. The old wives tale says that if he's got his days and nights mixed up, you should flip him, I doubt it works, but you wouldn't believe how many people told me to flip my baby.


eclipse - January 30

I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but it seems like my tradeoff for him sleeping through the night (when he actually goes to sleep) is that he has a crying jag before bed. It is really weird, he had no colic or anything. This just started. He will go to bed around 12-12:30 and then wake about 45 minutes later and finally go down for good at 2:30. He is behind me fussing right now. Should I let him just get it out and maybe he will settle down earlier? I hate to hear him cry...


eclipse - January 30

Mingill, does your little one do this too?


Mingill - January 30

Hi, no my little guy is awake straight through the day and night until about 2:30, he's all smiles and giggles up to the point when he finally nods off (which is hard at 2am, you're dead tired and he's sitting there laughing and smiling at you). He recently started having a fit around 8-9pm, when his teething pains get really bad. He's working on cutting his first tooth and for some reason every night around 8 the pain gets unbearable. The only thing that soothes him is sucking on a frozen washcloth or knawing on things, especially my finger. Hmm, they sometimes say that if a baby is getting too much stimulation during the day, they have to let it out at night, sort of like decompressing. Is your little guy exposed to a lot of activity, noise, lights, people etc. during the day? If so, try reducing the amount of time he spends out in crowds and such.


Mingill - January 30

As far as cio, I can't stand to hear my little man cry, so I always try to soothe him. But in some cases nothing works, and when he's cried what he needs to, he settles down, for example the teething pains. He won't even take the cloth or my finger until he's ready, which is usually after a minute or two of all out screaming. I feel so bad for him, but I just hold him, rock him, sing to him until he calms down.


eclipse - January 30

My baby is pretty alert and observant, so I sometimes think he gets overwhelmed. I try to help him, but sometimes nothing works. He's not teething yet (I don't think) so that isn't the problem. When did your little one start teething? I try not to overstimulate him, but then he conks out! :P LOL


aggie03 - January 30

does he fall asleep right after he sleeps? if so, try keeping him awake after eating (the only thing I took away from Baby Wise) it seemed to work for my dd. Just like your los she likes to stay awake all day but now sleeps from 9-5 or 6ish back down till 8-9am small nap in the afternoon. GL


aggie03 - January 30

duh..."right after he EATS" sorry


Mingill - February 1

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. My DS started teething when he was just over 4 and a half months old, he just turned 5 months and has been having full on teething pains for a couple of weeks now, still no tooth yet, but I think I felt a bump today. You'll know when your lo is teething by the excess drool, the constant chewing of everything and when the teething pains hit they will scream and try to shove all their fingers in their mouth.


eclipse - February 1

Now he has taken to going down at midnight-1 and fooling mommy into thinking its for real, sleeping an hour, and waking up screaming. It takes me awhile to calm him, and he goes down around 3:30 am now. (!) I am about to lose it! I cannot keep him awake in the day, and he is luckily very charming at night, or there would be some problems (LOL) And he often cries straight when he wakes up for awhile. I don't know what to do....


Perl - February 1

Eclipse you sound as frustrated as I feel right now. Last 3 nights in a row, I put my little man to sleep at 10 and he has woken at 11:30, 1:00 and 2:00 (and wants to stay awake and coo until 4:00), then wakes 5:30 and 7:30. How old is your son?? Mine is 3 months now and I'm about to lose my mind too. He has acid reflux and I know that's part of the problem but come on?! You mentioned your lo sleeps 8-12 noon Mine wants to do the same. Try to wake and feed him a full feeding every 2 1/2 hours that's what I'm going to try to do today. I tried feeding him more in the evening---didn't work. One night I gave him more formula than b___stmilk and that didn't work. I tried bathing him in evening--didn't work. I even got mean yesterday and did not allow him to sleep soundly in the afternoon/evening--I'd keekp waking him up by changing him or wiping a warm wet washcloth across his forehead and face--I thought for sure that would work but it didn't!!! Even though I managed to keep him awake all afternoon/evening he still didn't sleep soundly last night! Today I'm going to interrupt his morning nap and feed him every 2 1/2 hours throughout the day and I'll let you know if that works tonight. **One thing that worked last night was sitting in near darkness with him without talking to him (only a dim light in the background) and I put on some ocean sounds in his crib when I put him down and it seemed to soothe him but he still woke up an hour later. **Hang in there, we will figure this out together.


momma0710 - February 1

AHHHHH! my daughter is doing this too (she will be 7mo on the 10th) she takes 1 or 2 naps during the day, about 1-2hrs each and then around 7-9om she gets really tired and goes down for an hour or so (i call this her power nap) when she wakes i've tried let her cio, keeping it dark and feeding her in her room (if its time to eat) not taking her out of her bed just rubbing her back... anyway it doesn't work she is wide awake, and woke go back down until anywhere from midnight to 1:30am, sleeps for 3hrs eats, back to sleep, up around 8am back to sleep until around 11:30am. I'm trying to wean her from b___st feeding so i think that has something to do with it but i'm going nuts!!! I hope it changes soon cause one day i have to go back to work....i ahve found that when she gets up from the power nap the less stimulation the better, so we don't do a lot of talk, keep lights dim, and tv off...


eclipse - February 2

So here is what happened last night. He fell asleep around 10:30 and we put him to bed. He slept until 2:30 when he woke up SCREAMING and frantic. I calmed him, changed him, and fed him. Then I laid down with him in the bed in his room. He was still awake and a little fussy, but I was so tired I ssshhhhed him and held him close and the next thing I knew it was 9:30. He ate an unusually little amount for him (only 4 oz, he can down 8 usually) and he conked out again. He awoke at 12:30, I fed him, and he is out again. Since it is the weekend and I'm not feeling too good myself I am inclined to let him sleep today, but if this is his routine, I can deal with this better than staying up straight. Oh, and it would help if I didn't have ma__sive insomnia so I could sleep too, but what do I know? We will figure this out...he is 10 1/2 weeks, Perl. He will be 11 weeks on Sunday. I think our babies are really close in age because you were on all the boards with me. You know, in retrospect, he isn't doing that bad for a two month old. He is a night person like me, though, all cooing and smiling after I got him changed. I do feed him in a dim room and change him in the near dark as well. Which is fun. I could not keep him awake yesterday either, he would fall asleep if I put him in his swing, held him, played with him, walked him around outside, you name it. I guess we'll see what happens.



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