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LollyM - March 6

I know I posted another post about this a week ago or so, but now my period is REALLY late. It's almost 3 weeks late. I took an hpt a week and a half ago, and it was negative. I figured, hey, its pp, and things are all screwy, but then yesterday, dh was cooking sausage, and the smell almost made me puke! Ugh! I can still remember it! The only other time I nearly lost my lunch from a smell was last time I was pregnant! I am going to buy another hpt tomorrow just to be sure. I am also having more nausea than usual and I have to pee! =? I'm kind of freaked out! sorry, I don't mean to bore people with this lol, I just don't want to tell hubby anything unless I know for sure because he is sooo stressed right now! thanks for listening =)


hello - March 6

You are a bit stressed though, Three weeks is pretty late..... Take a blood test just to put your mind at ease one way or the other..... I am rarely late but once i was a month late....pre baby days though....I remember when i was pregnant the smell of someones hair who had dandruff made me really ill hah..... I smelt that a few months ago, the person was nowhere in sight...hasnt been for years but see how it meant nothing cause i am not having s_x so i cant be nauseous lol.....sometimes we get ourselves that way we create pregnancy symptoms that may not be there...... Keep testing but i would go to the dr and take a blood test cause once that says neg that is it.........good luck


ry - March 6

Hi Lolly! Hello is right, just being stressed about getting your period can delay it and sometimes when you think you may be you can start getting "symptoms" I remember when I was trying to conceive I was convinced I had morning sickness, etc before I was even pg. Keep us updated and good luck to you!


luviduvi - March 6

These girls are right about the stress. Also, after having a baby your body is different and you are a b/fer right? I know the first thing I would do is call my ob/gyn, although, he's probably beginning to think I am stalking him, I call him for everything.


Smilefull - March 6

I have been non-pregnancy related neasua too...


LollyM - March 7

hey ladies. I have been stressed lately because of my and dh's financial situation at the moment. So that + the late period could really be making it worse like you ladies are saying. I think I am going to make an appointment with the dr. just to be sure. luviduvi, yes I bf, so I know that can also make things off. I also think that maybe I don't eat enough calories during the day. My supply is fine, but maybe my period is late because of it? I try to make sure I eat enough, but I am just so busy!



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