This Is Silly And Way OT But

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bradylove - February 14

Have you ever wondered if anyone that you may be talking to on this board or any other board is like a celebrity or some other famous person? Maybe I'm crazy, but I always wonder if like Britney Spears or someone else with a baby is posting away online with us tand we're totally oblivious to them being on here... hmmm?? ok, I just reread that...what have I smoked tonight? lol!


aggie03 - February 14 got me...Ill come clean. Im Angelina Jolie...Brad is always mad bc Im online all the tiime! lol


bradylove - February 14



sahmof3 - February 14

Yep... it must be Angelina. Aggie's short for Angelina and 03 is her three kids ROFL!


TomKat - February 14

No, I've never wondered myself...


Rabbits07 - February 14

Didn't someone on here dream one time that angelbebe was really Angelina Jolie?


EMBERBABY - February 14

LOL ... I guess its possible. Tomkat hahaha, so how is Suri?


jb - February 15

Britney wouldn't be on here. I don't think they have computers in nightclubs!


apr - February 15

hahaha this made my day!! I woke up with an awful flu, and I feel really c___ppy, but this had me in st_tches. But, I dont think Britney is on such kinds of forums. Oh, maybe she can vent to us about her bf leaving her-Isaac Cohen lol or about her nanny not taking good enough care of Sean Preston and Jayden James, and she left them with lots of poop in their diapers for a few hours and now they have diaper rash, and she doesnt know what to do... or he has fever and she worried. Oh, I can go on and on...somone actually sent me a few clips on her last night, and even though I am so not into celebs, Britney Spears is one who I cant resist reading up on...


shelly - February 15

im britney really lol


TomKat - February 15

emberbaby - I'm glad someone picked up on my sense of humor, LOL! Suri is doing just great thanks...


CyndiG - February 15

Funny TomKat! Maybe Rosie is secretly here. You know she's all into blogging and her kids! Rosie, are you here? Would you like to say anything to us???


mandee25 - February 15

bradylove, you crack me up! You never know!


Mellissa - February 15

lol Rabbits07..that was me. Yes..angelbebe was angelina jolie...i have weird dreams all the time.


rl- - February 15

that would be cool LOL and TomKat I caught that right away LOL one thing I just gotta know is he.............


bradylove - February 15

hung like a wild feline?


vonzo - February 15

I'm Roseanne....Dan's out getting us 500 pies as I type *Darleeeeeen get your a$$ in here"



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